A foldable holder on the back of the seat to maintian bags or clothing

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


When shopping for groceries or clothing almost all items are transfered in bags. If these bags are placed in the back of the car, they often fall during a ride. As a result the groceries are laying around the the whole car or the just bought clothing becoms dirty and wrinkled. Tech business people often hang their jacket over the seat to prevent it from becomming wrinkled, however the jacket is then often in the way for other car users.


In gereral the car has no real fascilities to hang an object out of sight. For many items like bags and clothing this would be very handy. The user could addapt the shape and ammount of hooks to theire own needs by 3d printing different options.


The baghoulder is a houlder that can be attached in the neckrest of the chairs. The mounting is easy via 2 snappers. The bagholder can hold shopping bags, clothing, groceries or backpacks on the back of the seats. Because the items hang, there is no risk of falling when de car drives through a corner. The bagholder can be openned and closed by two simple buttons or by pushing in the hooks.

Need addressed by this product

The image shows two options for shoppping bags for families, or a suit jacket holder for a professional environment.

Further elaboration of the product

The image shows the main mounting snappers to the left The oppening buttons in the middle and a more detailed view of the bagholder.

Further elaboration of the product

The images show some section views of the folding mechanism. the locking mechanism isn't modelled yet. The parts can be 3d printed of PA or ABS.

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