Buzz3DFrame -V2
A 3d printed frame system that holds what you need.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Needs may vary a lot from user to user. We cannot discover or take into consideration all these needs.


Why don't we bring an open system that can adapt to any needs of users? Users can be very creative and our designs have to be flexible and upgradable to boost this creativity.


Buzz3DFrame comes with a simple and attractive idea of a 3d printed concept. With its slots, users can place anything they want, there. The frame will have complex 3d printed mesh structure that makes it lightweight, durable, allowing light to pass and versatile enough to be used in different use scenarios. From sunshades, seperators, device holders to storage boxes, there are unlimited use possibilities with different materials.

Need addressed by this product

Buzz3DFrame can be used best in ceiling glass of ID Buzz. Alternatively, different sizes of the system can be implemented into the side windows or rear window.

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