Recovery Buzz Track
Solution providing maximum traction in sand, mud, snow and ice terrain

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Adventurous travellers and families who like to be prepaired for challenging situations during travelling and discovering off-road countryside, beaches and any difficult and rough terrain.


People need a simple, portable and compact recovery solution for extreme situations in off-road trips with grip optimized for any weather condition. An effective and easy to use accessory.


This recovery track can be printed in any chosen colour and lenght. There is also a possibility to customize the track with a name or any word chosen by the client. It can be printed from TPR or PVC. It is easy to use and effective in many rough terrains. Flexible design rolls up for compact storage in vehicle trunk or rear seat floor.

Need addressed by this product

Maximum Traction in Sand and Mud and Snow

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