Bag for different actions and personas

Target groups

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


People who use VW Buzz are people who like to spend their time outside. That's why they need special items to help them while they're out.


We can imagine that this car can be used for camping and short trips. It must therefore be something special that can help to transport your belongings.


My solution is to design a special modular bag. We can produce complex shapes using the advantages of a 3d printer and therefore allow us to make more free designs.

Need addressed by this product

The bag design consists of only a main body and arms extending out of the body. These include a mesh cover that can be opened and closed. These arms allow for the production of individual sizes and allow the bag to be used in different sizes.

Further elaboration of the product

There is a gap in the middle of the product. This space can be used for various purpose-oriented products. If a person is a camper, he can put his sleeping bag on there.

Further elaboration of the product

If you are a day traveler who likes to spend time at the seaside, an external battery can be placed, which can also be charged by the Buzz. If someone likes trekking, they can put a water bottle.

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