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Develop an interior design for the Bogotá Airport Business Hub to be the most inspiring and enjoyable work environment

$10,000prize pool

Develop an interior design for the Bogotá Airport Business Hub to be the most inspiring and enjoyable work environment


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Prodigy Network is a company based in New York City, dedicated to introduce crowdfunding participation in real estate projects in Bogotá, New York and Miami. Their projects are also known to be a great source of inspiration. 


One of Prodigy Network’s current projects being developed in Bogotá, Colombia, is the Airport Business Hub (ABH). ABH is a commercial real estate development project located in close proximity to the Bogotá International Airport and will provide a competitive alternative business office destination for both Colombian and international companies with operations in Bogotá.  Construction for the ABH will break ground in winter 2013 and the full construction is estimated to take 18 months. The ABH project will offer a unique opportunity for international investors to get in “at the ground floor” of a compelling and new commercial real estate opportunity.


The Airport Business Hub will have two independent towers featuring an advanced design concept, highlighting all the services and technology of the most modern international office buildings, as well as a combination of services of comfort and pleasantness for people to feel inspired, at ease and eager to perform their best. The 10.133 square meters lot will have personal cubicles with available working tools, common spaces for productive development of ideas, green areas and cafeterias suitable for an enjoyable working environment. So there will be no need to work at Google, Facebook or Pixar to love to go to work - not if your office is in the Airport Business Hub.



Creating and designing a unique office building with amenities unlike any other is the goal for this project. The external architecture and floor plans of the office building are already under construction, so the design proposals should involve the interior design, outdoor spaces, the rooftop, corridors / transitional areas, a near park and common areas throughout the building. 


Benefits for the creatives

Prodigy Network plans to execute great ideas from this project in the Airport Business Hub fully or partially. Participants of this project get the chance to:

  1. win a total of $5,000 in community prizes listed above for those submissions that convince the community the most.
  2. win jury prizes for the best overall concept at $3,000 as well as the best workspace idea and the best leisure-space idea at $1,000 each.
  3. get a fair license fee to be negotiated individually with Prodigy Network if they decide to buy your idea.
  4. see your idea get realized by Prodigy Network.
  5. receive credits as the author(s) of the chosen proposal in media publications, sales packages of the project and any other project publication.

Task Definition

Develop design ideas for the Bogotá Airport Business Hub (ABH) to be the world’s most inspiring, pleasant and enjoyable work environment.

The floor plans and facades of the Airport Business Hub are the only thing that is set. All interior and exterior areas (marked red in the plans in the materials) are - besides some little restrictions - at your free disposal - go crazy, design them just like you imagine them:


A) Ground floor and Garden (OFFICE PRIMER PISO.pdf)

On the ground floor of the building there’s several areas you can work on 

(The height of all ground floor rooms is 2.65m):

A1) Main Entrance and Lobby (Lobby, Zonas Comunes y Administracion)

This part includes the welcome desk and the waiting zone.

A2) Central Meeting Room (Sala de Reuniones)

A small meeting room in the center of the building

A3) Bathroom (Baños)

All bathrooms in the building are at your creative disposal

A4) Gym (Gimnasio)

Fitness area in the center of the building

A5) Cafeteria (Outdoor work facilities)

This space is reserved for a (self-service) cafeteria with a coffee machine, microwave etc.  It can be partially open towards the park and/or the building side according to your idea 

A6) Nursery (Guardería)

Nursery for employees’ kids

A7) Surrounding Garden (Area Zona Recreativa)

The park around the ABH is public - you cannot build installations that are exclusive for ABH members, but you can come up with ideas that are enjoyable for both the people working at the Airport Business Hub and the public. However - you can only propose “light” constructions and no solid facilities such as closed huts, restaurants, toilets. etc.




In each office floor there will be 3 different space-types you can work on:

(The height of all office floor rooms is 2.65m): 

B1) Common Area

On each of the four office floors there will be one central space defined as “common area” or “creative rooms” to talk, create or relax together. Here you can propose everything from ping-pong tables, swimming pools to an indoor garden etc.. There’s even the possibility to connect the common areas over several floors (via stairs, slides e.g.), which means you are allowed to break through ceilings as long as they belong to those common spaces.

B2) Meeting Rooms

There will as well be two peripheral meeting rooms on each floor. You are free to choose where within the floor you place those meeting rooms and how you connect them with the surrounding working area. 

B3) Terraces

Each office floor has three terraces. They are open without a roof. Propose anything that makes the terrace experience most enjoyable as long as no additional solid installation is needed.

B4) Bathrooms 

All bathrooms in the building are at your creative disposal.

B5) Co-Working Floor

In addition to the “normal” office floors there will be one complete office floor dedicated exclusively to co-working and day rent offices. You are free to design the whole floor.


C) Rooftop (OFFICE CUBIERTA.pdf)

The rooftop of the ABH is an area accessible to everyone working in the building. Its design (green spaces, plantations etc.) and services (running tracks, game areas, deckchairs etc.) is up to you as long as you don’t propose solid constructions. 


To cross-check the quality of your idea and to make your idea understandable and desirable to participants and jurors, please answer the following questions simply and thoroughly (you’ll find them in the idea upload template):


  1. Which of the available areas is your idea designed for?
  2. What is unique about your idea - why does your proposal blow one’s mind?
  3. What benefit does your idea bring to the work environment and how does your proposal make employees’ lives easier and better?
  4. What is the target group of your work environment and is the proposal suitable to many?
  5. What style do you choose for your intervention and why this one?

Target Group

The target groups of the ABH are:

  1. Multinational companies with offices in South America: The economical growth of Colombia can encourage companies to relocate their South American headquarters to the Colombian capital. The Airport Business Hub should be the pivotal and best motive to do so.
  2. Colombian companies: End consumers, employees and companies in Colombia should feel like the ABH is the only office space that perfectly fits their needs. People around the world and particularly in Colombia should be looking to have a space at the Airport Business Hub; especially if their businesses require traveling. 

Your proposal should intrigue not only the employees supposed to work there, but also the decision makers of those companies.


  • human centered
  • innovative & inspiring
  • pleasant & enjoyable
  • state of the art
  • useful
  • aesthetic
  • unique

Mandatory requirements

  • This is an international design project with participants from all over the world. Please use ENGLISH as the official language for submissions and comments to make sure everyone is part of the conversation.

  • You can work on as many areas of the building as you like - the more the merrier.

  • Enter only work that you have created yourself and own the rights for. If your idea includes design parts that you do not own (like standard tables, lamps etc.) please clearly point them out in your visuals and idea description.

  • Your idea should be feasible, hence no futuristic technological development is needed to build it.

  • There’s no design restrictions or guidelines for your ideas.

  • Propose solutions only for the areas described and marked in the plans. 

  • Do not propose changes to the facade or the general floor plans of the building.



More information here in English y en español

Download material


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Is the height mentioned , the height of the actual ceiling or false ceiling?

Dear Szach,

semms as there was a misunderstansing. We will check it again it and will get back to you quickly.

Yours Jesko

Thanks Jesko.. please do ask for a sectional elevation also. A lot of the details we need like height of the skylights, the small terrace parapets, the thickness of the floor slab etc could be taken from that..

please post floor plans in different formats like rhino and sketchup for those without AutoCAD.

Yes, please, i dont find a converter for AutoCAD files, which is safe.

As Iknow you can simply use import function in Sketchup of Rhino to use dwg files

Thanks EvgeniLeonov for helping here!

Dear neilchambers and olafgerdgemein,

please try to import the files into the software you use as EvgeniLeonov suggested. Secondyl the PDF files are directly exported from Illustrator CS6, so you could try to import them as well.

Yours Jesko

WoW ! Big idea ! work for architects 3D ! Good luck for all from Poland

Thanks a lot, krzysztofwrobel! = )

The height of the actual ceiling is 2.30 meters.

Thank u mam for your answer. Forgive me for asking again. The height you have mentioned is different from the 2.65m ceiling height mentioned in the brief. So just to confirm again. The 2.30m is the height of the actual ceiling and we have to design a false ceiling below that. Without a sectional elevation we will find it difficult to accurately do a 3ds max model of the building. This is why I asked for the actual ceiling height. Thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

Mam, I am attaching a link which shows the importance of ceiling height in design. From a design perspective it is preferable to have a higher ceiling height in areas that require free thinking especially in co-work areas where this type of abstract thinking is needed. ( 10' or 3.048m)

I agree more ;) in Poland minimum height for public places (office/pub/restaurant) is 2.5m

Kzwolinski.. is that for false ceiling or the actual roof/ceiling height? Where I live , the standard roof/ceiling height is 9'6" -10' and then they run the AC ducts under that. The false ceiling height varies according to the AC duct height and beam height etc.. Ducts near the AHU room being taller than those farther away..

over 7 years ago

Hello everybody 2.65 m is the height of the actual ceiling, and you have to design the false ceiling.

Thank you very much mam.

hi! I ve noticed that in the lobby area (the hatched zone) it isn t any elevator door indicated...

Dear ilk,

right, the elevators are located behind the main entrance and lobby (A1). For sure there will be access from the lobby.

Yours Jesko

Hello, the topic interests Me in general, I am fascinated by innovative idea for our country, as well as the things are made to move to the next generation.

Dear josemariaap,

great to hear that! I am thrilled to see what you will come up with!

Yours Jesko

well... so far I am in the stage to inform me of that contest is, the topic seems very interesting, already I'll be sending information or design to see how it adapts to the project in general. Thank you.

I see that you are a guide, that is you I can help or solve doubts, is it permissible for you?

Dear josemariaapp,

yes i am the guide for the project, trying to help the community with helpful feedback and guiding into the right direction.

Yours Jesko

Could you please upload some sections and elevetions? Thank you.

The same question from me... Thanks.

Dear JuanDaConde,

we just added them in the download material.

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko!

As far as the rooftop is concerned, at the plan stands "cubierta", like covered... Does it mean that we shall develop something which is completely covered (indoor), or everything (green spaces, running track, etc.) would be at an open surface ("outdoor")?

Thanks, Eva

Dear wolkensdorfer,

for the rooftop the most important is NOT to create solid constructions, so i guess it should be not covered but an open surface.

"Its design (green spaces, plantations etc.) and services (running tracks, game areas, deckchairs etc.) is up to you as long as you don’t propose solid constructions."

Yours Jesko

"You can work on as many areas of the building as you like - the more the merrier." I take it this means I can choose, for example, to work on the 'Common area' on it's own? I really don't have to design all the spaces that have been indicated?

Dear Kijedi,

yes, right, you can choose the areas you want to design. I think its best if you pick some areas to show exemplarily what your overall concept and vision is and how exactly your design will look like for some areas.

Does this answer your question?

Yours Jesko

Yes Jesko, it does. Thanks!

Dear All,

thanks a lot for being here and already starting the discussion. You started with some detailed technical questions and be will continuously provide feedback for it.

But please work the other way round. Think big. Think of the worlds best workspace and put your idea and vision for it into the center. Work from the big picture to the details. I think it works best to FIRST find and create your idea and vision and then start designing it, get into the details and create a feasible design.

Here a short quote from the blog as inspiration and start brain-gardening. = )

"How will a highly innovative meeting room look like? A mind-blowing coworking space, or even a amazingly cool bathroom? What kind of vision do you have for the overall style? Playful, modern, minimalistic, stylish, sustainable, aesthetic? A unique theme floating through your design concept? What kind of materials are you going to use? Will you be the one that creates the whole interior based on your design of certain areas, or will the final interior be an awesome collaboration of different designers from all over the world?"

Thrilled what you will create!

Yours Jesko

One question , is the roof eight the same on the entrance hall ? (2.65m)

Dear danielddelcastillo,

The height of all ground floor rooms as well on all other floors is 2.65m.

Yours Jesko

Maybe this info can be useful ... for the rooftop, some constructions in Bogota are now using the "green garden" idea to go green in a city where the contamination is awful, also the weather in Bogota is very unpredictable, rainy most of the time and the city has a really big circuit of roads just for bikes, a lot of people use bikes as their transportation. Hope this works!!!! Good luck everyone!!

Lina ..Thank u for the information about Bogota. weather and about bikes.. very useful.. some other amenities are mentioned in the Prodigy web site

good afternoon! Why is not there a lavatory in the zone of nursery? Are zones for a dream (bedroom???) and feeding (lactation and a la carte) needed in nursery? If parents will be whole day at work, then a child needs not only games but also healthy order!

Dear Anyuta,

thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions!

Maybe this is the area you should work on as you seem to have insightful ideas for it. The size is given and i am not sure if on this area a lavatory can be implemented for tequnical reasons, but it makes a lot of sense.

What do you think? Would be great so see an awesome nursery designed by you.

Yours Jesko

Absolutely agree with Anyuta. A bathroom is part of a child's room. Otherwise, the children will wander through the office building to go to the WC. And maybe it would be wise to have showers at the gym.

It´s really important that the proposal for the nursery includes a lavatory inside and it´s technically posible

Endly a projekt which wakes the sleeping Jovotan inside me JUHU!! ..Questions: 1- in ground floor arround the GYM area , there are "Visitantes officinas Torre2" ,"Visitantes comercio Torre2" what it means ? 2-between the GYM area and the other surrounding areas i don't see any separation , so should it be that the GYM is open on the parking ??do i missunderstand something ? or it just means that we can do what we want as separations ? Thanx forward ^ ^!

Dear Medize!

great to hear that you feel inspired!

1) Its the parking for visitors and business 2) I think the Gym is defenetly not going to be open to the parking. If you feel like being creative about the separation feel free to create it, but imagine you are in the gym and want to concentrate on yourself and not being watched from outside.

Yours Jesko

Hi all,

I'm just wondering whether bathroom fixtures are already installed, if so it would be great to have a look at the actual pictures. If not, shall I assume that they will need to be located as on the floor plans.

This project has too little technical details... only high level concepts can be created with provided level of details, and they may not work because of technical constrains which we are not aware of.

I'm talking about basic things like capacity expectations for each area.

Best regards, Max

I agree. At first glance, for professional solutions - not enough information. I also have a lot of questions. For example, for an office must have strong knowledge of the channel system air conditioning and ventilation. The question arises whether we should think of where to hide it if a ceiling height of 2.65? What is more important for the competition - the concept or detailed solution?

I agree with you Elina, little bit weird, isn't? a vague data, strange ceiling height, i mean 2.65? it's impossible... feels so much different to other contests. just in my opinion.

Dear maxhash,

thanks for asking!

• The bathroom fixtures are not being installed yet, its up to you to suggest a design first. The final adjustment will be made, when it comes to implementation.

Dear Elina,

Thanks for asking as well! As mentioned above at this stage of the project and in the competition the CONCEPT has a strong focus. Prodigy Network is looking for awesome but feasible visual concepts for the worlds best workspace that can be realised in this building and will be fine-tuned when it comes to implementation.

I´ll put the technical questions on the list I share with the project-management of ABH to be answered as well, but please concentrate on visualizing an awesome idea and concept. The details will be part of the implementation if you get contracted or licensed. = )

Yours Jesko

Hi there! Is the location of the skylights on the roof plane final? I don´t see enough space left for the running track, resting places and garden spaces on the terrace And what about some section plans?? cheers

Dear Marco_Barrios,

i guess the position of the skylight is indeed final and yes, you might be right, there is not enough space for a running track. But i am thrilled what you would come up with!

We just added section plans in the briefing to be downloaded.

Yours Jesko

Dear Marco_Barrios,

here´s more detailed feedback for you.

Yes, the location of the skylights on the roof plane are final. The rooftop plan shows the number of skylights that sum a total of 30. The number of skylights is 30: 13+ 17, according to the autocad drawings.

Yours Jesko

Hi all,

Congratulations for the Project

We have a quiestion:

Which materials are integrating the facades? Maybe wood and glass?


Dear recreativos,

thanks a lot - great that you are in. = )

Please have a look at the rendering to get an idea of the overall style. It looks like wood and glass but i´ll get back to the project management to ask for more information about it.

The floor plans and facades of the Airport Business Hub are the only thing that is set. So please concentrate on the interior.

Yours Jesko

In the autocad drawing please switch off, freeze and lock layers, CAS and NVIG. There seems to be overlap offset columns which are confusing. Use the jovoto hatch as reference for the real column set. ( For those not in the field. Mostly columns run one above the other for each floor) . By freezing these two layers the layout is clearer. Hope it helps

Thanks a lot, dear szach, for your helpful hint!

How many skylights are there in the terrace. In 3d view there are fewer number of skylights and in the autocad drawing there are much more including, one or two that technically would be over toilet cubicles in its current placement.

Dear Szach,

I´ll forward your question and get back to you as soon i have news.

Yours Jesko

Thanks a lot Jesko.. :)

Dear Szach,

here´s the feedback about skylights.

The height of the skylights is 1.00M. The rooftop plan shows the number of skylights that sum a total of 30. The number of skylights is 30: 13+ 17, according to the autocad drawings.

Yours Jesko

Dear all,

we just uploaded the elevation sections you have been asking for and added them to the download material in the briefing.

Yours Jesko

Thanks for the upload Jesko But I have to ask again about the space left on the rooftop with all those skylights? where are the running track and the gardening space going to be? And about the sections, they don´t show the skylights, so again... are the skylight ´s positions and density final?

Dear Marco,

i answered you above and i think we wrote at the exact same time. = ) I forwarded your questions to the project management as well and as soon as we get more detailed information i´ll let you know.

Yours Jesko

Hi there Jesko

Here are some observations about two spaces; please pass these thoughts to the project´s managers.

first: If I bring a child to my work, I would prefer that the nursery is related to the park and the greener zone instead of the street. Maybe the children will not be allowed to go out in the park but at least the will see some green , not road grey all day.

And for security reasons I don´t think parents would like the nursery exposed on the first floor to the street, therefore the windows at the nursery will be sealed from views somehow. So the children are ending up in a very distant and isolated space, don´t you think? what about relocating the nursery to Local 6 in front of the park? and even more, place it on the second floor over the park above local six or above the outdoors work facilities.

second: let´s say it is pouring rain, and I had left a child at the nursery which is on one of the first floor´s corners. Do I have to walk out of the building by the main entrance to get to the nursery ? is there a plan for an internal communication from the lobby to the children´s place?

Third: Please clarify the spaces around the gym, and the acces to the elevators from the lobby... how is the exit for the building´s stairs going to work through the gym? And how about the acces to the elevators from the lobby and the bathrooms there? it seems something is blocking the acces from the lobby ( the main meeting room between the elevators, and the administrator office and bathrooms ???)

And about the gym, do we have to put in this area , the showers , lockers and gym bathrooms as well as the exercise space? what about a sauna and a turk. Is this enough space for that? How many people do you really spect to use this gym?

thanks for answering

Dear marco,

thanks for your feedback and insights.

• You think about relocating the nursery closer to the park. OK, i can pass this through.

• I am sure there will be a possibility for intern communication from the nursery to the lobby.

• You want to know more about the access between the gym, lobby bathrooms and elevators and if there will be extra bathrooms or sauna.

I will forward your questions and get back to you as soon i have news.

But PLEASE CONCENTRATE on an awesome CONCEPT and IDEA now. As i mentioned many times above please work from THE BIG PICTURE, a great idea and awesome concept to the details and not the other way round.

Yours Jesko

Dear Marco_Barrios,

here´s the architects reply:

• What about the access between the gym, lobby, bathrooms and elevators? You can design the access and connections to these areas.   •  Will there be extra bathrooms or sauna in the gym? If you think they're necessary, go ahead and present a design proposal.   • One creative suggested to relocate the nursery closer to the park. What do you think about that? That's a good idea. Go ahead and design it.

Yours Jesko

Dear all,

here´s some more technical feedback to your questions above:

• The height of the skylights is 1.00M

• The rooftop plan shows the number of skylights that sum a total of 30.

• The number of skylights is 30: 13+ 17, according to the autocad drawings.

• About the channel system, air conditioning and ventilation: The architects are working to increase the ceiling height to 2.75. However, you can start designing with a ceiling height of 2.65 m, and play with the areas to locate the channel system air conditioning and ventilation.

• The thickness of the floor slab is 50 cm

Yours Jesko

Great to hear that the height will be raised... and thank you for the details regarding the skylights ... :)

thanks Jesko for the clear details,

the thickness of the slab is 50cm or 20cm? because i found in the elevation drawings the height of floor to floor is 2.85m. it is impossible to have 50cm floor slab in that space. i thought that normal office clearance level is 3.5m, but 2,65 is okay because of its efficiency

Dear andreprdiktha,

i´ll forwarded your questions to the project management team and architects and will get back to you as soon as possbile. = )

Yours Jesko

Andre from the renderings in the prodigy site I could see the slab looks like a waffle slab which means the beams are part of the slab itself.. which would explain the thickness something like this.. But we can wait for conformation from the architects.. :)

Andre ..2.85m is without flooring and then .45 thickness of the slab above that .. it is given on the side of the sections

Dear andrepradiktha & dear szach!

Here´s the architects reply:

The thickness of the slab is 50 cm. You can work with a floor to floor height of 2.75m, for design purposes.

Yours Jesko

i have a question and little doubt i see the structure is G+5 , does all the floor have common area typical in all the floors? can we not shift the nursery near cafeteria and common area, i feel parents bringing their kids at work will find it very difficult to reach their kids from their work place.... and being far from kids would distract nursing mothers and sure there has to bathroom attached to the nursery room. there has to be service along with facilities.... to ensure a pleasant working space..................

my design is on process......


Dear selina257,

i asked the architects about moving the nursery closer to the park:

They said: "That's a good idea. Go ahead and design it." = )

Yours Jesko

hi all, there are many not-finished parts in the floorplans and sections. / example: the gym, there should be a fireway out of the staircase, and it should go through the gym; lobby- how many elevators are facing to the lobby, .... roof..../

Dear Mantal,

there has been a question close to yours being asked before and we got back to the architects about it. You can design the access and connections to these areas.

But PLEASE CONCENTRATE on an awesome CONCEPT and IDEA first. I mentioned many times above please work from THE BIG PICTURE, a great idea and awesome concept to the details.

Yours Jesko

Hi there, I have a few questions regarding the ground floor.

Elevators: from what I read in the drawings, the access to elevators on the right is from the space labeled "administracion". So you first go inside an office and from there access the elevators? About the elevators on the left, I can't iunderstand where the access is from. Bathroom by the sala de reuniones: the access seems to be from the sala de reuniones only. Is that right? Is this a bathroom only meant for the meeting room? Stairs: is the access to the stairs from the gym?

Thanks a lot

Dear Melina,

Thanks for asking!

There will be access from the lobby to the elevators, too. Right, due to the floorplan the access from the bathroom is from the Sala de reuniones.

We had some of your questions before and the architects answered you could design the access and connections to these areas.

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko

I think there is a little mistake on the first floor plan drawing provided. That´s why many of us are still asking about it.

It seems the elevators have doors that open to opposite sides depending on being on the first floor or the next five levels.

I guess the elevators open to the lobby on the first floor but open to the other side in the circulation center on floors 2-6. If it is so,It is just that the elevators are open to the wrong way in the first floor of the TOWER 2 .

I guess the elevators 6-7-8 have access from the lobby but righ now are facing the bathrooms and the administration office.

Please contact the project manager to look at this:They have to clarify to which way the elevators open on the first floor, because now they seem to open to the office and the bathrooms.

And it is also kind of confusing to have the meeting room between the elevators because the stairs are blocked in tower 2, between the gym and the meeting room, so you would have to cross the gym, or go across the meeting room in an emergency to get out on the first floor.

Dear Marco,

Ok, i will ask the project management again to clarify this and get back to

Yours Jesko

thanks Jesko

and one more thing..

What´s the idea to control people from falling from the roof terrace?

a glass handrail all around the building?

or I gues it would be a little more higher than that, so they have to clarify this too; because one of the conditions is not to change the general look of the building and not to propose anything like a permanent construction. But I guess this has to be permanent; and in the sections and renders they gave, there is no sign of what is going to be the perimetral control on the roof terrace. A glass wall would be desirable to keep the relation with the city´s skyline.


Dear Marco,

here´s the architects reply to your questions above:

• On the first floor the elevators open to one side, the next level opens to the opposte side.

• For tower 2, elevators 5 and 6 are private. They don´t open to the lobby, just for other the other levels.

• Elevators 7 and 8 are public for the visitors. They do open to the lobby.

• For tower 1 elevator 1 is private. it does not open to the lobby, just for the other levels. Elevators 2, 3 and 4 are public for the visitors. They do open to the lobby.

• Indeed the idea is to have access from the lobby to the gym. You can use the meeting room area, change and play with it to create a proper access to the gym. For the stairs they invite you to create access to them in a logical and practical way.

• I personally think that a glass handrail for roof terrace is a good idea so feel free to suggest it in your presentation.

Thanks for asking again – I hope the feedback could answer your questions and concerns.

PLEASE CONCENTRATE on your CONCEPT and DESIGN now. Please think of THE BIG PICTURE first and work from a great idea and awesome concept to the details. The fine-tuning can be made if you get contracted for implementation.

Thrilled to see what you will come up with!

Yours Jesko

hi guys i have been trying to submit an idea but i dunno why it is not uploading and its not me .......

Hi selina! Oh dear, let's try and fix this! You can send me a private message and explain what happens when you try to submit and idea. Thanks!

A lot of promising entries.. I am waiting till the end of the project to comment, so that I can see the complete updated entries.. Great start everyone who has submitted the entries till now.. and I am excited and looking forward to seeing the final entries and versions.. :))

Some halftime feedback from prodigy would be helpful..

Dear Szach:
We found great ideas in every proposal. In our fan pag in FB we put some of our favorite spaces.

Thank you for the feedback mam. :)

Dear Jesko,

We have the following question about the project.

Is possible to create voids or holes between the slabs in order to connect vertical floors with double hight?

We are trying to connect some floors with the others, in order to create better visuals and better spaces, without changing the structural layout.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thank you.

Dear bigbrandlab,

Thanks a lot for your question and great that you are interested in the World´s best workspace project!

Yes you can create holes in the slab. – We already have a submission that works with a slide between 2 floors. = )

I am thrilled to see what you will come up with!

Yours Jesko

what i have to submmit to participate just renders or just floor plans or both and i want to know if i have to design all the spaces or if i just can design some spaces like just the lobby and the gym. Thanks :)

Dear lzu_29,

thanks a lot for asking.

• Yes, sure, you can show your overall design concept on just some spaces that you can choose yourself. You do not have to design all areas.

• It would be great to see rendering to get a visual idea of your concept and design. If you add the floor-plan as well its perfect.

Thrilled to see what you will create! = )

Yours jesko

Dear all !

Lean back and watch a very intersting speech of See Rodrigo Nino, CEO of Prodigy Network, speaking at PSFK CONFERENCE 2013:

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

Thanks a bunch for your work in this project until now. I think we have some amazing ideas, concept and interior designs already.

We will have the feeback talk with prodigy network and the jury this friday and will get back to you on monday with overall and/or detailed feedback for some submissions.

Yours Jesko

hola donde puedo ver planos, y me gusta trabajar solo con bocetos a mano alzada.. no se si eso este permitido


Dear richarnino,

you can find the floorplans in the download material in the briefing (above). Of course you can submit handdrwan drafts and sketches! = )

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

thanks a bunch for your awesome work in this project so far!

We had some very productive feedback sessions with the client and jury and can finally present their input to you today (see below). We realize it’s a bit short in time, so we decided to extend the submission phase by another week - you now have until June 11th to submit / work on your ideas!

A lot of great ideas and amazing sparks in this project - so dig through the feedback and keep it coming!

Dear jovoto Community,

we have seen a great competition with a huge and colourful variety of ideas so far. Reflecting a bit and coming back to the start of the competition we would like to repeat two sentences, that we kept in mind:

“… a competitive alternative business office destination…”

“…as well as a combination of services of comfort and pleasantness for people to feel inspired, at ease and eager to perform their best…”

With this in mind and the designs in front of me us would like to ask the question: What are these spaces doing with the people that will occupy them?

The design only meets its purpose if we can explain how the ambience will change the performance of the people, with that the performance of the companies - and finally the value of the office property.

Many designs focussed on what we would call “auxiliary areas”, like the cafeteria, the nursery, the park, relaxing areas. But what about the space where the people work and perform for their companies?

How can the design influence the relationship between people in these areas. How can different office units be arranged for more “positive friction” or synergies between each other? Do we need different units for companies or are there other concepts?

We see a lot of starting points in the concepts and would really love to see the whole picture of the office hub with its functionality and ambience at the end of this project. This would give the designs another dimension of meaning on top of what they are right now already.

The peak of the competition has been climbed and we wish everybody an energetic downhill race to the finish!

Yeaahhh, i'm happy to hear that! next week i get full holiday to create totally this awesome workspace project ! i'm glad, very very happy!

great feedback! thank you guys!

Perfect, thank you guys! = )

did you extend time for submission ? how many days till submission ?

Dear saleh7enz,

the submission deadline is June 11th now. The end of the rating period is June 18th.

Yours Jesko

Hi We are working on this project as a team, is it allowed to put every ones' names on the sheets we upload??

Dear s7_salehi,

great that you are working as a team! Yes, of course you can mention everyone that is working in your team.

Yours Jesko

I believe that it is time to vote facebook to do something. This is my last project in community projects. Susan and i spent 1.5 months for serious analysis and hard work with sleepless nights. Why should we then see how facebook friends beat our ideas without any arguments. I think that all members contest deserve respect for their work. This work took a lot of time and effort in the competition. This architecture is difficult. I feel like a complete disappointment.=(

I agree Elina.. This bashing has to stop or the creatives who have been in this platform for a long time and try to vote fairly will feel cheated..I even told my friends not to vote for me, to keep the ratings fair..

I´m absolutely with you !!!! Unfortunately the community members can change nothing and all complains about voting in public project, espacially the facebook one, are ignored ;( Please jovoto team act!! In this project with very great and very well elaborated submissions, it should not be possible for non professionals to vote and decide about quality...., and friendship voting is absolutely tabu!!!

Thank Elli and Alex.. :)

I will give to you advice friends. Protect nerves, on you depends nothing :)

Dear All,

I am here. I am sorry that you feel cheated. We take your concern very serious and are currently working on it.

I will jump directly into the monitoring right now. We can see all unfair ratings and we will filter them.

Yours Jesko

Thanks Jesko.. I hope we are able to recover all our lost marks..

Hi this is my first project here on jovoto, when can we expect to have the results?? any estimated date would be great, thx

Dear danielddelcastillo,

we are already working on it and are going to announce the community & jury winner as soon as possible. I guess it will be today or latest on monday.

Yours Jesko

Congrats! to the community winners.. :)

I think that the choice of jury is much more interesting. You agree with me?

I am looking forward to hearing the jury feedback Alex.. :)


Huge congrats to all the winners, a lot of great ideas and magical spaces!!!! :)))

Congrats to the winners! It was a great competition with great ideas! Good luck every one!

I would add one more sentence with your permission dear Reza.. Congratulations to ALL contestants, I think we've seen a lot of wonderful concepts, with a lot of work and creativity behind it!!!

Well done to everybody!

When do we know about the jury decision?

Hey guys, yes we also have the jury decision for you now! Surprisingly, the jury choice is basically identical with the community choice - though the jurors can't see the current rankings either!

The overall jury winner is... 1) Best Overall project Wooden River by EvgeniLeonov

2) Best designed Workspace The Working Appetite by andrepradiktha

3) Best recreational Space Delight by G_Sasha

Read all about it here.

Congrats! to the winners.. :))

Thanks a lot, Nathalie for posting it!



Here´s the BLOG post about the COMMUNITY and JURY WINNERS:´s-best-workspace-winners/

Congrats to andrepradiktha, GSasha & RK341, EvgeniLeonov and zaarchitects!!

Yours Jesko

Thank you guys for suuport jovotans nad jury!

wwwwuhhhuu!!!! congrats guys for your hard works... all of you!!

Dear All,

we met Rodrigo Niño, CEO of Prodigy Network in berlin and here´s a short interview and feedback we quickly recorded for you:

Yours Jesko

Dear Andre Pradiktha!

What do you think? Are you referring to bikes in the building?

Best from Berlin! Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko, I was read this news at glance Maybe it's just me or not, but I think maybe google inspired by this project :) also, at glance I see the presentation is like maloca theory, and yes there are ideas that is feel similar like the bike, and the lane or colors that you could find in work n play ideas. Even the building is look a like? Btw it was just intermezo Best.

Hi there!

It's been quite some time since this airport hub crowdstorm, but there's a project I wanted to let you know about.

Hero, a leading jam manufacture, is looking to reinvigorate jam sales. While jam used to be a staple of every breakfast, it seems to have fallen out of fashion. Thus, Hero is looking for new touchpoints that will make jam attractive and modern again. One type of touchpoint that Hero is excited to explore is an actual physical space either inside of a grocery store or as a free-standing jam boutique/store.

Based on your interior designs for this workspace project, I think you could submit highly successful ideas for a jam-centric space. Right now, we've entered the final countdown (submissions accepted until next Tuesday), but with the number of ideas and an additional €3 000 in the award pool, you shouldn't hesitate to submit your interior designs!

Let me know if you have any questions about the project.

See you there, Alex