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Develop an interior design for the Bogotá Airport Business Hub to be the most inspiring and enjoyable work environment $10,000 prize pool

Develop an interior design for the Bogotá Airport Business Hub to be the most inspiring and enjoyable work environment


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Prodigy Network is a company based in New York City, dedicated to introduce crowdfunding participation in real estate projects in Bogotá, New York and Miami. Their projects are also known to be a great source of inspiration. 


One of Prodigy Network’s current projects being developed in Bogotá, Colombia, is the Airport Business Hub (ABH). ABH is a commercial real estate development project located in close proximity to the Bogotá International Airport and will provide a competitive alternative business office destination for both Colombian and international companies with operations in Bogotá.  Construction for the ABH will break ground in winter 2013 and the full construction is estimated to take 18 months. The ABH project will offer a unique opportunity for international investors to get in “at the ground floor” of a compelling and new commercial real estate opportunity.


The Airport Business Hub will have two independent towers featuring an advanced design concept, highlighting all the services and technology of the most modern international office buildings, as well as a combination of services of comfort and pleasantness for people to feel inspired, at ease and eager to perform their best. The 10.133 square meters lot will have personal cubicles with available working tools, common spaces for productive development of ideas, green areas and cafeterias suitable for an enjoyable working environment. So there will be no need to work at Google, Facebook or Pixar to love to go to work - not if your office is in the Airport Business Hub.



Creating and designing a unique office building with amenities unlike any other is the goal for this project. The external architecture and floor plans of the office building are already under construction, so the design proposals should involve the interior design, outdoor spaces, the rooftop, corridors / transitional areas, a near park and common areas throughout the building. 


Benefits for the creatives

Prodigy Network plans to execute great ideas from this project in the Airport Business Hub fully or partially. Participants of this project get the chance to:

  1. win a total of $5,000 in community prizes listed above for those submissions that convince the community the most.
  2. win jury prizes for the best overall concept at $3,000 as well as the best workspace idea and the best leisure-space idea at $1,000 each.
  3. get a fair license fee to be negotiated individually with Prodigy Network if they decide to buy your idea.
  4. see your idea get realized by Prodigy Network.
  5. receive credits as the author(s) of the chosen proposal in media publications, sales packages of the project and any other project publication.

Task Definition

Develop design ideas for the Bogotá Airport Business Hub (ABH) to be the world’s most inspiring, pleasant and enjoyable work environment.

The floor plans and facades of the Airport Business Hub are the only thing that is set. All interior and exterior areas (marked red in the plans in the materials) are - besides some little restrictions - at your free disposal - go crazy, design them just like you imagine them:


A) Ground floor and Garden (OFFICE PRIMER PISO.pdf)

On the ground floor of the building there’s several areas you can work on 

(The height of all ground floor rooms is 2.65m):

A1) Main Entrance and Lobby (Lobby, Zonas Comunes y Administracion)

This part includes the welcome desk and the waiting zone.

A2) Central Meeting Room (Sala de Reuniones)

A small meeting room in the center of the building

A3) Bathroom (Baños)

All bathrooms in the building are at your creative disposal

A4) Gym (Gimnasio)

Fitness area in the center of the building

A5) Cafeteria (Outdoor work facilities)

This space is reserved for a (self-service) cafeteria with a coffee machine, microwave etc.  It can be partially open towards the park and/or the building side according to your idea 

A6) Nursery (Guardería)

Nursery for employees’ kids

A7) Surrounding Garden (Area Zona Recreativa)

The park around the ABH is public - you cannot build installations that are exclusive for ABH members, but you can come up with ideas that are enjoyable for both the people working at the Airport Business Hub and the public. However - you can only propose “light” constructions and no solid facilities such as closed huts, restaurants, toilets. etc.




In each office floor there will be 3 different space-types you can work on:

(The height of all office floor rooms is 2.65m): 

B1) Common Area

On each of the four office floors there will be one central space defined as “common area” or “creative rooms” to talk, create or relax together. Here you can propose everything from ping-pong tables, swimming pools to an indoor garden etc.. There’s even the possibility to connect the common areas over several floors (via stairs, slides e.g.), which means you are allowed to break through ceilings as long as they belong to those common spaces.

B2) Meeting Rooms

There will as well be two peripheral meeting rooms on each floor. You are free to choose where within the floor you place those meeting rooms and how you connect them with the surrounding working area. 

B3) Terraces

Each office floor has three terraces. They are open without a roof. Propose anything that makes the terrace experience most enjoyable as long as no additional solid installation is needed.

B4) Bathrooms 

All bathrooms in the building are at your creative disposal.

B5) Co-Working Floor

In addition to the “normal” office floors there will be one complete office floor dedicated exclusively to co-working and day rent offices. You are free to design the whole floor.


C) Rooftop (OFFICE CUBIERTA.pdf)

The rooftop of the ABH is an area accessible to everyone working in the building. Its design (green spaces, plantations etc.) and services (running tracks, game areas, deckchairs etc.) is up to you as long as you don’t propose solid constructions. 


To cross-check the quality of your idea and to make your idea understandable and desirable to participants and jurors, please answer the following questions simply and thoroughly (you’ll find them in the idea upload template):


  1. Which of the available areas is your idea designed for?
  2. What is unique about your idea - why does your proposal blow one’s mind?
  3. What benefit does your idea bring to the work environment and how does your proposal make employees’ lives easier and better?
  4. What is the target group of your work environment and is the proposal suitable to many?
  5. What style do you choose for your intervention and why this one?

Target Group

The target groups of the ABH are:

  1. Multinational companies with offices in South America: The economical growth of Colombia can encourage companies to relocate their South American headquarters to the Colombian capital. The Airport Business Hub should be the pivotal and best motive to do so.
  2. Colombian companies: End consumers, employees and companies in Colombia should feel like the ABH is the only office space that perfectly fits their needs. People around the world and particularly in Colombia should be looking to have a space at the Airport Business Hub; especially if their businesses require traveling. 

Your proposal should intrigue not only the employees supposed to work there, but also the decision makers of those companies.


  • human centered
  • innovative & inspiring
  • pleasant & enjoyable
  • state of the art
  • useful
  • aesthetic
  • unique

Mandatory requirements

  • This is an international design project with participants from all over the world. Please use ENGLISH as the official language for submissions and comments to make sure everyone is part of the conversation.

  • You can work on as many areas of the building as you like - the more the merrier.

  • Enter only work that you have created yourself and own the rights for. If your idea includes design parts that you do not own (like standard tables, lamps etc.) please clearly point them out in your visuals and idea description.

  • Your idea should be feasible, hence no futuristic technological development is needed to build it.

  • There’s no design restrictions or guidelines for your ideas.

  • Propose solutions only for the areas described and marked in the plans. 

  • Do not propose changes to the facade or the general floor plans of the building.



More information here in English y en español

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