The Working Appetite
creating a space that makes people eager to work!


the vision of this design ideas is to vitalise working space to raise appetite of working inside the building.

the main concept of the interior is light. light is an element that enable us to see and visualise something. the usage of light in interior will affect the performance, productivity, and preference of the stakeholders when choosing their perfect office working space. light produce ambient and depth through the room that when it configured well, it will make the space visually attractive, comfortable and really work by design.

the interior global form inspiration is from the triangular geometric shape of the building architecture. it makes a very masculine and straightforward feel to the environment as well as it is inside.

the complementary elements that 'create' the space is the material and decoration. from material concept, i try to focus on elegant styled materials which represent international style of 'hub' characteristic. the decoration is focus on something catch the eye, for example culture-style decoration (art decco), or greenery (plantation). these all elements represent international style of bogota with character that will lighten and sparks the nearby environment to lure and gather people to come in.

every floor level is an unique feel and atmosphere!

floor plans are updated!

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