Magic realism
The magical transformation and traditional flavor


Authentic Workspace

Modern commercial interiors with its stylish adaptability often seem sterilized and lifeless. The result of globalization is the loss of national identity in architecture and design, such universal office can be located anywhere in the world, it is not tied to the traditions of a particular place. This project brings to the office interior elements of local color and, on the associative level, creates an image of the Colombian space. It is based on the concept of Magic realism. All over the world this idea traditionally characterizes the literature, rarely - the art of the region.


In the zone of ??�nursery� general concept of "authentic magic realism" is shown to the fullest extent, because the world of childhood is the magic! The sources of inspiration were the great nature of Colombia, local traditions and legends.

The space is divided into a number of zones:

- A zone of active recreation for children (it is represented by the stylized city of cubes and of game elements - the slides, ladders, etc.)

- A zone of relaxing stay (creativity, eating, watching TV, etc.) under a stylized magic tree, which decorates an existing column.

- Lavatory is adapted for use by children and the personnel, because the nearest WC is far and is not suited for children. As this is the ground floor, I hope that it is possible to move the necessary communications. The height of basin is adapted for youngest visitors, in the corner there is the shelving unit for pots. The glass in the top of the wall provides insolation of the areas.

- Kitchen area. There is a mini-kitchen for storing and heating up food (there is a microwave oven and refrigerator, sink). Near there is a wardrobe for personnel�s things and for equipment storage (things for the extra cleaning).

- Zone for sleeping and lactation. In the modern office there must be a place for solitude nursing mothers and babies. Right there tip-up changing table, storage rack diapers and children's cosmetics, tip-up beds. The separating fabric curtains provide good sound insulation. If necessary, the zone can be easily transformed into a stage with the curtain, if you add up all the folding elements.

Areas of active and relaxing stay are combined with each other with patterned self-leveling floor with photo printing. The same transformation is supported by decorative stickers on the glass - silhouettes of the city gradually turned into trees and ends with a "pets' corner" with real plants.

Such overlapping contrasts are typical for the painting of the style of magical realism. On the contrary, the ceiling unites the space with the unified blue color.

Interior inherits a number of artistic and literary devices of that style:

- A combination of photo-realistic and stylized things;

- Contrasts. The interior combines bright elements  and elements  of subdued colors, rounded and broken, natural and technological;

- Variety of textured surfaces;

- Small details on large surfaces, etc.

The existing supporting column is hidden behind shelves for books and toys, on the other side there is the place for the TV. We plan to put toys based mainly on the ancient figurines, which are of the appropriate style and form.

It is easy to make or to buy ready-made elements of decor (leaves-valance in the IKEA shop, lamps Blitz,Massive, bean bags, etc.). It is easy to keep clean all the elements. For the children of local employees, these techniques will help to bring up the national consciousness and patriotism, for foreigners and immigrants - to get acquainted with the local culture.


Closeness of the desert of Nazca and the airport gave me the idea to do the general plan of the roof in the form of a stylized picture in the style of petroglyphs. The garden will be perfectly viewable by passengers of planes.


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