something completely different
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Time of borring offices going to finish. People spend more and more time in the offices and thus need to have have home atmosphere there. 

We propose design which based on coziness, freedom and game. We were inspired by small historical towns atmosphere. How in such towns people can quickly communicate with each other, and have a lot of random meetings and acquaintances. And we want to give this kind of filling to the people who will work here.

Our second inspiration was variety of colombian patterns and bright colors.
We mix them  with origami logic, that is used for dynamic partitions and another structures.  

Design of coworking floor will help people to form team very fast. Flexible working stations and systems of curtains will serve as mechanism for change space for creative working places.

On the roof we are designing jogging route and systems of sun protection tents which will help people have good condition during the day and when it is  raining

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