SIMBIOS is an open plan organic space that flows like a living organism,seemlessly mixing we spaces, me spaces ,work spaces and plant spaces. Interspersed between the work areas are quiet zones ,relaxation zones and play areas.
The aim is a stressfree natural space,  that because of the open feel promotes interaction between people and yet has enough me spaces and places to take a time out..
There are places for single, small group and community based collaboration as we move from left to right . 
In the center is the business hub and hot desk space which is higly suitable for multiple uses and open meetings.. 
The enclosed cafe cowork space is both a cafe and a short meeting/collaborative space. 
For slighly more premium offices , for short duration , there is the premium condor cabin for business travellers who need an office or a sleep pod on short notice. 
This flow reaches out to the outdoor areas which are extensions of the work area and relaxation in an outdoor setting. Park, Lawn and Zen. from north to south.. Park for coworking and recreation. Lawn for smaller collaborations and zen,rock garden for the individual time outs.. 
Most of the areas are mutifuntional and have mutiple funtions , being adapted to function, fun or party space at night. 
Arena, Forum, Fiesta , Synergy, Business hub are spaces that have mutiple functions.Play , watch tv , cocktail party ,dance , host a dinner etc are some of the options. Muti-use and hence extra revenue for the owners.. 

U can see any corner from the opposite side, thus promoting collaboration  throughout the space between random strangers.and in any place be it passage or work space. 
Find random chairs/ table combine ( solitaire chair ) insterspersed here and there for a quick sit down presentation or work... 
There is wide selection in the choice of table heights and in chair types, and in the work area types and styles. 
Want to escape.. take the slide to the next level down and meet some more people...  or join the cowork space from the floor up.. While you are there leave a message , sign your name or post a post it note or ur photo on the tabloid glass wall.. or just project your photos or presentation onto the glass walls.. to the person you met on route to the cafe... 
Feeling like taking a break after a day on your feet .. sit at the waterfall and foot dip pool and have your coffee.. Muticolor pebbles and soft spa like turbo flow will ease your aching feet and refresh you...All this expressed in a contemporary international style.. 

Most of all Colombia is celebrated in the colors and vibrancy of the space, in abstract conceptual references and in the promotion of artists who reperesent Colombia.. which in turn raises the value of the building as a commercial space.-
Elina Presniakova & Susan Zachariah