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Short Description
Can you remember the best customer experience you ever had? Now translate this into banking. In a world where the quality and design of products are increasingly converging, service quality is becoming a very important, critical, and differentiating asset. That is why Deutsche Bank is committed to building the best and most sustainable customer experience in banking – as digital as necessary, as human as possible.

Your task
Develop an outstanding customer experience for Deutsche Bank’s ambitious customers. The idea is to develop great integrated services and tools strictly from a customer’s perspective. You can think in the following four categories: digital experience, offline experience, premium experience and off-the-chart experience.

Your chance
This project not only offers an incredibly attractive pool of prizes but also gives you the chance to hone your skills in the increasingly important field of service design. And how about having one of the most prestigious corporations in Germany seeing and hearing your input on this crucial and exciting matter? Check out the briefing and dive headfirst into this exciting and challenging task today!

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