Restaurant Transformer

Design a transformable and versatile restaurant concept!

$15,000prize pool

Design a transformable and versatile restaurant concept!


Marriott International wants designers to re-imagine what a hotel restaurant concept could look like. They want to break through traditional approaches and introduce a highly dynamic design that can physically transform within a single restaurant space. In some cases, so dramatically that someone who dines for breakfast might not even realize they’re in the same restaurant for dinner. 


Unlike most stand alone restaurants, hotel restaurants need to be flexible enough to offer a variety of dining experiences including breakfast, lunch, dinner, private dining, cocktail happy hours, and even accommodate non-dining occasions such as private/small business meetings.  


Task Definition

Briefing Update 09/01


Design a restaurant interior that has the ability to physically transition and transform into forms that take on a whole new mood, shape, function, staging, lighting, attitude, and size.  This means going beyond the typical transition cues that are commonly used like uniforms, light dimming, and table settings. You can come up with concepts that either transform the whole space or create distinctive areas that house micro concepts or distinct zones within the bigger space. However, no matter how the concept is expressed, there must be a strong sense of coherence and harmony to the total design.


Think of it like a set design for a theater production. From scene to scene the physical elements are quickly moved around to create a whole new setting and environment for the audience. Through easy and simple sliding, flipping, rolling and turning, the space should have the ability to create new settings or a completely new environment. This is the essence of the challenge and vision behind the concept for Marriott. 


Concept Requirements

1) Express your idea with descriptions and visuals of the concepts.  Feel free to explore multi-media (e.g. video, 3D modeling) and make sure all drawings are to scale. 


2) Design the space within a ~5,000 square feet (~460 square meter) footprint that can be flexible enough to host 150-200 people for breakfast and then 150 people for dinner. The space should feel neither crammed or bare as the numbers of people in the room fluctuate. 


3) All submitted concept explanations of the rationale should include:

  • How the space will change visually and functionally 
  • The intended effect of transition and transformation elements


Prize Money

The total prize money for this challenge is $15,000 and will be broken down in the following way:


Community Prize: $7,500

1st: $3,500


3rd: $1000

4th-6th: $500


Jury Prize: $7,500

Winner: $4,000

1st Runner Up: $2,500

2nd Runner Up: $ 1,000


Target Group

The target group includes both travelers with a strong focus on local residents. The target places a greater value on hotel restaurants than they do on the hotel rooms, largely because dining and drinking are thought of as a primary means for entertaining company or business colleagues. For this target group, their restaurant recommendation is a strong reflection of their personal taste and image, so stepping into a restaurant that offers not only amazing food, but an equally amazing atmosphere and experience, is of critical importance. The target’s perspective is that the restaurant experience should feel like an event and not just a simple meal transaction.



  • Inspiring
  • Inviting 
  • Coherent
  • Harmonious
  • Authentic
  • Relevant over time
  • Clean/Uncluttered


Mandatory requirements

Concepts must incorporate a buffet in all designs. It should be connected to the open/exposed kitchen and be active for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The buffet counter top will be used for two main functions: 

  1. To place buffet trays on top of when the buffet is active. 
  2. To  serve as a plating counter/warmer for chefs when the buffet is closed and the restaurant turns into a non-buffet experience.


Designs need to accommodate the basic sections of a restaurant which includes:

  • Serving Stations for servers to store and access cutlery, bread, and water
  • Greeting/Reservation entry/ Host Stand
  • Dining Areas
  • Open Kitchen/buffet counter combo
  • Restrooms
  • Bar/to-go food market combo


All concepts should consider the cost implications of building the design. These concepts should be grounded by realities of budget and ability to execute.


Download material


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Consider thinking of redesigning the box itself rather than it's content. Use near seamless computer display panels in every floor, wall and cieling (covered by protective glass) and use them in combination to create the restaurant theme of your choice. Using commercial software to display large images over many screens, everything from wallpaper to lighting to floor tiles can be changed to suit any given need at the click of a button. Do the same with tables...a old wood image for the western night, diner placemat images for breakfasts etc. You can even have moving items (like birds, lighting storms, planes and spaceships, stars, landscapes, floating candles, or rustling trees) change and moving in and out to further intensify the effect. In a way, it's a "holodeck type effect"...with the brightness of any given area easily adjusted for the intended mood by changing not only the images but the overall light output on an individual displays. You should consider not having real windows either, changing the outside view to whatever fits the theme.

Keep all buffet tables, serving stations etc mobile, keeping power and other outlets in certain key locations...and use simple chairs that can suit a wide range of applications. You can also choose to use touch screens on tables...with built in menus, games, maps, etc etc.

Good luck!


Wäre es möglich - Grundrisspläne vom Restaurant zu bekommen DWG-DXF vor allem mit Maßen - So wie Querschnittpläne mit Maßen auch als DWG/DXF - Man muß ja nach irgend was arbeiten können - Raumhöhen wo sind Fenster usw. genauere Beschreibung


Mocki010- Google translate is having some trouble with your comment. Can you provide it in English or French?

Sorry - I was just asking for floorplans dwg/dxf format of the restaurant with all measurements - so that some one could work with it............. ;-)

Hey Mocki010, we talked about it before we launched the contest, but for now we probably won't be able to provide you with more detailed floorplans than the "friendly sketch" and the pdf floorplan we attached to the briefing.

I'll check again with the client but prepare yourselves to have full freedom for this one - besides the few specifications (total floor size, number of people that can be hosted there etc.)... will let you know soon!

MMMhhh - So we should work on any space - if it is at least approx. 300 m2 ? Would it not be better to go on ONE Floorplan for everybody to compare the ideas in the view............. Like in the appartment-contest............. ??

Mochi010, as I said - they simply don't have better plans at the moment, but they're trying to provide some soon. In any case the space should be within 3,500 square feet and flexible enough to host 200 people for breakfast and then 150 people for dinner. The friendly sketch is only an example of the layout, but you guys should work on the floorplan.

Guys, why don't you brainstorm for the next 2-3 days and we'll try to come up with better floorplans so you can get started for real at the end of this week?! Curious to see what you come up with!

i'm very interested to this contest, however, i have several questions:

  1. so we work on the space of the 'Example floorplan' but the layout based on 'Sketch restaurant layout - jpg'?

  2. how about ground clearance (ceiling height)? sure it's very nice if there's also section cut layout (or maybe photographs about the space; is the restaurant already built? or now in preliminary design?) because usually many hotels restaurant space have voids up to 2-3 stories above.


hey andrepradiktha, sorry if this wasn't clear: The friendly sketch is only an example of the layout, to give you an idea...but is by no means the concept you should be following! So please work based on the other floor plan and we are trying to get you better plans with ceiling heights etc. by the end of this/beginning next week - until then you can brainstorm and get your creative juices flowing!

Hi I am a recent graduate of a bachelor of architectural studies in New Zealand, am I eligable for this contest? I would love to give it a go!

And we'd love to see your submission(s)! Sure you're eligible, go ahead!

Hey guys, we added some slightly more detailed floorplans - not the holy grail yet, but def better to work with. Might get better ones later, still working on that, but check the new ones out in the meantime!

whoa,, too bad for me i've already develop my idea based on Sky City 3-Meal Restaurant_original.pdf :(

but it's no problem though. what time does the 'better ones' plan come?

hey andrepradiktha, don't worry - as we said, we really ask you to unleash your creativity here, you don't have to work after certain plans, the material we provided you with is really just to give you an idea, but as long as you stick to the approximate guidelines (3,500 square feet footprint) you're completely fine, you don't have to start over again please! curious to see your idea developing further!

on the matter of dimensions,there is something lost here. ive downloaded the files,and unless something is changed in the briefing,its impossible to fit 200 diners for breakfast,150 for dinner inside the space,in one seating.

plus theres no design plan of the so-called 3500m2 footprint,nor its relevance to the design plus reason to be brought up in the brief in the first place.

that said,for all entrants,i suggest waiting until thats all cleared up,calculate the final area to divide by 1st place prize money before entering. nevertheless,all the best in whatever you do.

I agree with you, let's wait n see

my fingers sometimes type by themselves. what i meant is 3500 square feet -apologies for the typos.

i checked, given a dimension of 15.3m x 25.85m , with the columns and the buffet area, and with a module of a table and chair unit seating 4 people measuring 1.9m x 2.35m including circulation, it could cater 50 of these modules which is equivalent to 200 people.

It's 3,500 square feet - and yeah that's tight for 200 people but yet possible. 200 for breakfast as you normally need less space for breakfast than dinner. Didn't we all think the requirements for Life Edited were impossible, too? And look how that turned out... Looking forward to seeing you solve this challenge!

good for you. now which 4star hotel standards are you adhering to again?

[my reply was to nuhuh not to nsonne. seems theres a lag issue on my browser.

that said,if rephrased better,it does apply for the latters entry also ...]

hey tomasowa, please try to maintain a respectful and polite tone here when talking to your fellow creatives. conversation on jovoto is meant to be productive and pleasant, not insulting - "good for you", "gwahahaha -seriously,how long have you been an architect?" is not really appropriate. thx.

wow. i guess im the first to get a reprimand for keeping things subtle. must be a change of policies since the last competitions ... it would be nice if i got a memo.

i guess those with rhetorical questions albeit claiming to be knowledgeable of their professions dont have to apologize for insulting their industry huh?

okay,whatever. apologies where applicable.

touché toma, fair point. imma check for the right standards then :]

Tomasowa, it's just a are not obliged to enter.If you don't like anything and it feels like a raw deal, leave it.

gwahahaha -and how am i supposed to answer that? politely? you gotta be kidding me.

so here goes:no sh8t,einstein. try reading my posts before shooting off. anywhere there about me entering?

this is community,so im putting my 2cents as community member. problem?

No problem..just putting my 2 cents.

I just want to make sure is it 3500 square feet? meters? and the files with the competition plan (pdf and dwg), is that in meters or feet? Thanks

oops ok its 3500 feet and the dwg file its in meters my bad :D

tomasowa raised a lot of points, i guess i should wait for the brief to be finalized :|

"All concepts should consider the cost implications of building the design. These concepts should be grounded by realities of budget and ability to execute. " - is this mean that I have to to include in text of my proposal concrete, specific figures, calculations of costs?

Hey BUSINS, no, you don't have to give us a concrete calculation of costs for your design. All we want to make sure is that you don't go off track creating some fantastic spaceship Marriott would never be able to afford ;) Just give us an approximate number and try to stay in reasonable limits. Looking forward to seeing your submission!

Hi, this may be a stupid question/comment - but the origional plan (qnd I see the first submission) was a different shape to the dwg file - not just a square "box" - do we work off the squared plan or the origional with the hotel layout? Thanks

I'm also a bit confused about what we're required to work off of. In the brief it made it seem like we had 3500sf of nebulous space to work with, but it would be great if someone could clarify the exact dimensions/space we are supposed to work with/around.

hey you both, I just got more detailed plans and will upload them in a second. However, if you started working on the ones we provided so far, don't worry, as it's in fact about a rather "nebulous" space of 3,500sf and the plans should just help you get started by giving some kind of frame to work with. The squared plan was also just an example of how the space could look like, but not a floor plan mandatory to work on! Long story short - you can work based on the floor plans under download material, but you can also get your creative juices flowing without any plans just keeping in mind the few requirements in the briefing (such as 3,500sf, buffets etc.)... Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

I was going to mention ceiling height but I see it's already been covered albeit a little late in the day ;-)

hey becks73, I just added a couple of new files, the sketchup file shows that the ceiling height is 3,5 m.

Hey guys, I shifted the discussion on prize money for architecture contest to the support center, you can continue discussing that issue over there, but please limit this space underneath the briefing to questions on the briefing. Thanks!

Please explain when the buffet counter is closed then how will chef use them as warmer or plater (now orders by alla cart)

hey jtu20, the counters will have warmers on the surface so they keep the food hot. When it's a buffet style, people can walk up to the area and serve themselves. When it's alla cart the buffet portion will be closed off and maintain the function of keeping plates hot, but more as a 'pick up' location for servers to grab and delivery food to tables.

Also the space specified in plan for buffet/ action cooking area is fixed or can i change its area . Show kitchen is must?

Nope, the location is not fixed, it's up to you where you want to place it, but yes, the open kitchen is a must (that doesn't mean the whole kitchen has to be seen, it's more about a cooking experience area, e.g. the chef is making scrambled eggs in front of your eyes).

What about the height of the space? Is it possible/ necessary to take up different levels into your design/concept?

hey djevrie, have a look at the new plans - doesn't look like the ceiling will be high enough for several levels (3.5m)...

SUPER EXCITED!!!! just the project ive been looking for!

sorry I just come now and I m like the Idea...the only I ask any planes or just the mtsquare?

All the plans we provided can be found are under download material!

Guys, check out the new plans I uploaded today! The sketchup version let's you check ceiling height etc. - however, if you started working on the former plans, don't worry and just continue with those plans. It really isn't about the floor plans, they're only to help you picture the space better, but if you stay within the requirements of 3,500sf overall size than it's perfectly fine! Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

And I also updated the number of people we need to fit in for breakfast - it's 150-200 in case 200 gets too tight ;)

Super nice information. Thanks it will be very helpfull

are the measurements in the plans in meters? because then the total plan is about 460 square meter without the kitchen. The 3500 sf (325sm) of space is that with of without the kitchen?

You're completely right, thanks for pointing that out - check my comment below and the update to the briefing.

I do not understand. Do I need to fit the plan? Can I change the zone BUFFET / ACTION COOKING ARIA? Is it possible to change its proportions?

Yes please. If you think it makes sense to put it somewhere else, go ahead and do it!

I finished sketch of plan, i made it using well known standarts (width of passes, etc.) and I get only 120 peoples. 150 seats can only be done if all the space filled only tables!

I got 127 people but I agree with you.

That's totally fine too! Please see my comment below - unleash your creativity, it's not about the number of people but the flexibility of the space!

and 200 seat can only be done if all the space fllled with small tables and saet, not sofas, and not arm-chairs!!!! It mean that i can't design some rest rooms, additional buffets, some zones without seats?

If this assignment is only about a good and refreshing concept, why use these different detailed plans? The 3500sf was a very clear requirement and why are the number of people (that obvious hasn't had a lot of thought) this important if you're looking for a innovative idea? I really like the assignment, but it is a little bit confusing this way.

YESSSSSS. THANK YOU! THAT is EXACTLY the point. You don't have to use the plans! If you really want to work after a plan, you can use them, but it really is about completely unleashing your creativity and coming up with a refreshing concept. I will update the briefing now for the last time as to the overall size, but if you e.g. already started working on your idea based on the old size (3,500sf) that's totally fine and please continue with that. Thanks djevrie!

Guys, I know there's been a lot of confusion around the briefing and I apologize. It should have been clear from the beginning and not been changed a couple of times. I did a last update as the client agreed that the space was too tight for the number of people, but that's definitely the last change to the brief. So. If you look at the latest pdf-files (those that also label Lobby and Kitchen space), you will see that the overall size is bigger than 3,500sf. Please ignore the kitchen and lobby area, you do not have to design them. This means, the overall size for the restaurant will be 17.5m x 26.3m = 460.25 sm. That's 57.4f x 86.2f = 4,948 sf. The dimensions of the sketch up plan are fractionally different, but please don't get caught up in this slight differences as it doesn't matter. This is not like Life Edited where we had millions of conceptual/mandatory requirements. This contest is really more about brainstorming. You can, but you don't have to work with the plans. Please just think of a roughly 5,000 sf space where you should be able to fit in 150 people - but if it feels way too crowded to you, go for less. Or if you started working on a 3,500sf space already, continue with that size. Because in the end, this contest is not about the size of the space or the number of the people, but about the flexibility of the space. Phew. Having said that: I will remove the old plans tomorrow, so they don't lead to more confusion. But if you based your approach on those plans, please don't worry and just keep on working on your idea. Good luck guys - now let's get your creative juices flowing!!

Clear now, only the last and more important spec for me please (the ceiling eight ) because this issue can really make the difference, still 3.5 m.?

Is there a specific location this is being proposed in? (city? country? region? )

Worldwide - it's for Marriott International! You can include regional details if you want to though!

Guys, just to give you a heads up - I'll be away for the next 2 weeks, however Cassandra will take good care of all our questions. I hope to see loooooots of submissions once I get back ;) Good luck!

I am in the US can I still submit project for this competition?

Yes, although i speak from contests out of the past, but it is worldwide!

Yes, please, everybody is welcome!

Hello Nathalie Sonne I am having problems with the dwg can you upload a dxf. I use Cinema4D and the dwg is not converted. Can anyone help in this matter.

Hello - I had that issue as well. I use this site when there is an issue with files like dwg's . Let me know is there is still an issue viewing things. You should be able to save the file as another type to import in to another program to work with.

if you mean the 3d file I can give you the c4d file. Let me know EMDESIGNS.

Hey everyone - We just got feedback from the client and they are very interested in the work that is being submitted! Great work everyone. Remember that there is a focus on the architectural elements as well. This is an experience over all that they are trying to achieve and having lighting materials etc and architectural elements is a great way to achieve that in this space. Keep up the good work and keep the submissions coming. : )

albeit i still have my misgivings about how low the prize money is compared to commission area,thats more related to the client and overall world outsourcing mechanism today,and how its lowballing my industry and peers. theres not little of that going on,and i wouldve expected jovoto to rise above,but c'est la vie.

that said,i still would like to contribute for the participants. seems a factor of design that has not been touched by the brief at all and may have a crucial role in judging [at least from the architects and restaurant managers standpoint] is transition time. ive only seen one entry address this.

whats an acceptable period of time envisioned by the client to undergo the spatial transition? and how is that factored in to the judging going of the restaurants logistical side|routes of the design?

with the way this is becoming a visualization contest more than design,and whilst entries are few,i think now would be the best time to address this.

It would be great if you submitted your concepts to the contest. They are always welcome.

Also you have brought up a good point about time. I agree that typically this would be a worry in a design setting for a space like this. In this case though I would suggest that as long as you do not suggest something that will take hours to set up and transform that there is nothing to worry about.

I say this because Marriotts are not always the same size and some restaurants are smaller or larger than others. Most hotel restaurants will close down in between meal times in order to clean and prep for the next meal. This could be an hour or two of time where things can the transformed and set up also.

I would suggest just keeping time in mind but not to fret over it. being logical is the best bet here but dont hold back on concepts either.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions. : )

gwahahaha -im comfortable with contributing for the participants,putting my 2cents to clarify the brief.

theres still ambiguity here,from the use of words concept and specified design area. im sure this goes farther than just to participants,but also to community members,voters,and judges.

if there was clarification that the contest accepts what an architect would call design concepts -array of cohesive architectural elements that can be spatial building blocks regardless the implemented area size -then i would be interested in participating.

this is greatly different than whats being shown here as entries,and in my head would justify the prize money. it would no longer be underappreciation of the large design area,but adequately for the architectural concepts presented.

hey tomasowa, back from my vacation, just read your comment. We're always emphasizing that we want to see your napkin sketches just as much as your mad renderings - if you have a good idea, let us see it, if it's a design rather than an architect concept that's completely fine for this contest. looking forward to seeing your submission!

gwahahaha -i see. will see if i can rustle up some napkin sketches then,alongside some 3d visualizations.

thank you for the confirmation,i wasnt expecting a reply.

Everyone - There are some clarifications on the blog as well summing up everything that was discussed here. We wanted to make sure that there was no more issues or confusion with the brief. If you have any other questions feel free to message me.

The clarifications were a lot of help.. But i would like to know if there is a height restriction?? As what i have in mind will require the use of double height area.

You should go for it - Again every space is different and they are looking for concepts of all kinds! Cant wait to see what you are working on.

what is the height of the beams shown in the drawings. Can an arbitrary value be used ?

Yes please, use an arbitrary value and let your imagination run wild!

I'm just wondering; looking through the ideas, I haven't come across any that has restrooms. Wasn't that a mandatory requirement or it's something that can be overlooked?

Hey Kijedi, it shouldn't be overlooked, but if I HAVE to choose between you coming up with groundbreaking ideas and you lingering over where to include the restrooms... then I rather have you surprise me with those groundbreaking ideas ;) Looking forward to seeing even more updates!

I didn't include the restrooms in plans of my idea only because the restrooms are not part of my automated transformation concept. I think that restrooms-transformers wolud be too crazy:) And if restorooms dont clarify main mesage of idea, no need to include them in plans. We also dont include internal kitchen, food and drink storages etc. So :)

I too am wondering the same as kijedi. Is the concept more important or the the whole layout plus concept combination? Are the mandatory requirements still mandatory? Are fire safety rules for restaurants applicable? Contest guide please help out quickly, I see no reply to Kijedi's question. The reply will also help to select correctly during voting time.

Don't worry the only mandatory requirement is to provide transformable solution, you can use any layout, good work.

@ wwwbangkok, thx a lot for your support, you would make a good contest guide ;) hey szach, wwwbangkok is right. Basically, mandatory requirements should always remain mandatory requirements throughout the contest, but in this case we rather have you guys concentrate on the transformability of the space and come up with really pioneering ideas than get stuck on the mandatory requirements. Of course, the perfect concept consists of both :) That said, go ahead and get your creative juices flowing, szach!

Thanks once again, nsonne, :) . You are right, Francesco is very helpful, he replied almost immediately and I am grateful to him for the same..

Is the picture file size for submission 5MB maximum per picture or a total of 5MB for all renderings in group?

single picture I guess, because I already upload more then 10 MB

Yepp, 5MB per picture!

Thanks a lot Francesco, I would still want the contest guides to confirm that idea is more important than the mandatory requirements. Following the mandatory rules restricts some of the concepts that are already submitted.

See my answers above!

Hi, on the main page it says that "Concepts can be submitted until October 11, 12PM EST", but the timeline still states it at Oct 4th. Can I confirm if the deadline has really been pushed back to the 11th? Thanks!

Exactly what is the deadline for submitting the project? thanks

i believe the contest guide is not free It is 4th OCT! I believe the 11th is for rating so i saw everyone submitting yesterday

Exactly - deadline for submissions is October 4th, deadline for ratings is October 11th!

Great job nsonne! I am waiting the next rate clean because those contestant cheater start again, did not learn nothing (time waste) and I wish will be deleted from the community soon!

i really hope the rating results would be clean...

Nsonne made big job and cleaned most of cheater ratings yestaday. But we returned not all ratings was stollen - Before cheaters i had 8.9 and after cheaters i have 8.5. U can score what part of ratings not returned. Experienced jovotians also told me that jovoto cant raturn ALL cheater lost ratings. It is life :)

wwwbangkok awarded reddot design award in Singapore! Cool

restaurant design Grand Masters KUDOS!

now that we are at judging phase,i think that if the architectural design community within jovoto is going to be satisfied with the result,it should be underlined what scoring is for.

most dont bother to read the briefs,judge on user likeability and|or eyecandy. this contest is for architectural design,albeit interior. if the brief is anything to go by,the focus is on clean transformation from spatial change -not the furniture. resource furniture already has a whole catalogue on transformable furniture which im sure marriott can get a discount from by buying wholesale ...

as we are all designers here,i would like to believe idea is king over flash eyecandy. people who enter noteworthy ideas in traditional sketching should be higher in rank than hollow ideas sugarcoated with 3d eyecandy.

all the best to all.

I totally agree with what you said. "most dont bother to read the briefs,judge on user likeability and|or eyecandy. this contest is for architectural design,albeit interior. if the brief is anything to go by,the focus is on clean transformation from spatial change -not the furniture. resource furniture already has a whole catalogue on transformable furniture which im sure marriott can get a discount from by buying wholesale ..."

As I understand briefing, the focus not only spatial transformation - but also visual, functional, emotional, aesthetical.

Bu I agree about votes of non-architects. Peeple vote high the goodlooking pictures, not transformers. Only if real tranformer is also good-presented, than jovotians score it high..

the emotional aspect of architecture is so relative due to its subjectivity thats it moot. there are too many socio-cultural and interpersonal variables to make any argument substantial.

red is pride for others,blood and gore for others,and sexual release for others. people can walk in with mp3 players that do more for their mood than architectural space,and others have the company of friends for that.

so realistic architectural points would be functional,visual+aesthetical. how the space enhances the users experience,their emotions whatever it be,without dictating nor getting in their way.

something that gives room for human emotional attachments without the need of a power supply.

All in all I agree with you that obviously votings are not always following the briefing requirements concerning the transformation aspect etc - yes, this is a problem in this contest! But I nevertheless disagree with your suggestion not to count votings of non-architects same as those of architects! I think we could not look the people in the head to decide what they vote for! For example I am a communication designer with focus on print and concepts but I did my diploma with exhibition design aswell - I know how to read such briefs and what is noticeable. And so do many other "normal" designers, I´d bet! I know, I do see that many sketches in this contest archieve high ratings although not refering to the briefing, not focusing on costs and feasability, instead just showing furnitures and already existing stuff from interieur designers. But treating votings different just because of the members job title can not be the solution in my oppinion!

i agree with goforit. almost all of the entries in this competition are very good conceptually and deserve attention and ratings.

gwahahaha -i never said anything of the type,so really dont know where this is coming from. must be a language thing -if anyone can quote which part of any of my statements gave that impression,feel free.

was going to just leave it,because people can still read my reply without having to expand view. but now since there are 2replies over mine,had to post ...

Hey Nathalie, like every weekend has started the attack of the ghost votes :((( Can't you eliminate the votes of all those who have never had a submission? So avoid that win who have more friends and, as is right, can win who really most like to people participates in the contests !!!

Hey! That suggestion of eliminating votes of all those who have never had a submission does not make sense! So as a member of Jovoto I am obliged to submit to all contests to participate in voting?? It is very disappointing with what is happening in regards to voting but I'm getting the feeling that it is very important for most contestants to win other than to deliver good designs. By the way, I voted very highly of your design...

Perhaps I have not explained well. As long as you have also participated in a single competition and be a real part of communities. however, mine was just an idea ... do not take it personally. And then, if you gave me a high rating means that you liked my design...

in some way, I agree with both criteria. (hahaha) this contest is very complicated, because the architecture is very subjective. as an architect I know very well. but perhaps this kind of competitions, should be "private" like many others in jovoto. or perhaps jovoto can implement a new category: "PRO". is my opinion only :)

Interesting. In addition to that it will be good too if the rating periods were divided in three parts, the first being the initial rating, then next a second rating period for the selected ideas having a chance to win ( the strong ideas will have a few days to re-adjust their concept before the end of the second period) and finally the last rating period. Just an opinion.=)

hmmm...not a bad idea

yeah! good concept yveslank, not a bad idea at all! :)

@roygarrcia... i dint understand what u meant by PRO actly...........

I think I am referring to people who have constant activity jovoto. again is just an idea.

Hello guys, just to give you a little heads up. As it was to be expected, the jury is a little overwhelmed with the number and extent of ideas and asked for more time... that means that we're not going to announce the winners (both community and jury winners) before the following week. However, the rating period closes today at noon EST and I can take my time to go through all the ratings and clean them without any new gaming attempts ;) Stay tuned!

Well, good news! Thank you, Nathalie :)

Thank you nsonne!!!! :-D

Sounds good. 10X :)

Isn't something new?

Guys, I apologize but we will have to wait a little more for the jury decision - hang in one more week, we'll get there!

Hi Nathalie! You mean that in this week we will not get results yet?

nope sorry - next week!

Hi Nathalie, do You have some news about when we will have results?

Hey guys, we've finally come to have the decision on the jury winner! Drum rolls... _ 1st: Wireframe spaces by mutazalsidawi_ 2nd: Chameleon by zaarchitects_ 3rd: 360-degree by MathiasCongrats to you and all the community winners - GREAT JOB!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Congrats to all the winners !!

Congratulations to all the winners and all those who submitted for the wonderful ideas they put out there !

Hooray to the winners, and to those who didn't win but still did a great job ;)

Congrats! to all the winners!

Congrats to all the winners!!!!

Congratulations to all winners!

Congratulation to all the winners :) u guys really deserved it

Which one did marriot choose??

Guys, you know it can take some time until the client makes a decision. So please hang in there, we'll find out if he chooses one or not...

browsing old projects... so this one never was awarded?