Hanging Garden
garden restaurant transformer. unbound space of crisp and warm eating venues for versatility and endless creation of mood and atmosphere. bon appetit!


updates 3

<> - organic|a futuristic and bright alternative of the design|plants will have alternatives; synthetic or live plants. i hope it inspires :)

-transformer furniture added - the dancing seats | this is a integrated hydraulic sets of pvc board with ability to turn into a different type set of seats (up and down action) without losing the space to a different function.
-cocktail and lunch atmosphere added
-new toilet concept added
-the new floor plan and ceiling added

updates 2
the new floor plan!!
more natural. softened. warmer. simpler

-what to transform?
space - mood - atmosphere.

breakfast space - lunch - dining space.

sliding - rail - filiping - light ambient - entertainment - refreshment

east meet west | international.
natural - hanging garden: garden of plants; garden of light; garden of food and entertainment
warm welcome

-flexibility and versatility of space

update soon...
still working on... :)
updates 1
to whom curious to see where are the transformations,
i add more visualization and more details about the venues.

Fresh -in the morning Energize -at night [transformation]

day/night cycle, is one of the most effective aspects to simulaneously transform the atmosphere and mood of the restaurant. so i add in this update ground level (floor 1) transformation concept to the lighting, mood, and the functionality of some areas.

the areas should be transformable physically are: main dining; the hanging garden core and the fine dining. so i've made visualization about main dining concept (which fresh in the morning / and energizing in the evening). the functionality is also about to change from common dining venues, to a bar or club (or whatever it should be called). the key elements of transformation are ceiling, lighting and arrangement of bar in the buffet.

i consider to make transformation subtle and not to massive to architectural elements because it would cost much. i will finish up level two and three for the next updates.

maybe my explanation clear enough to be understandable.
[next: business space and fine dining]
work in progress..
the main concept is creating a restaurant with fresh garden inside to rise guest appetite and give fresh atmosphere to get enjoy and relax.

this design give dynamic mood and functionality depends on occasions; casual, executive/business, and fine dining. there are planters hung up all around the space of the restaurant.

the design vision and approach is east meets west theme with international taste and it's also a simple design that give warm welcoming  and modest atmosphere.main theme is modern approach with traditional materials yet a clean design. attractiveness comes from the hanging planters and the light visuals. warm and friendly mood comes from the design and material itself.

update always been working on. :)