Marriott 3d Restaurant is a space with unlimited possibilities of visual and physical transformation. AUTOMATED TRANSFORMATION takes only a few minutes. The THEME of the restaurant can be changed right in front of guests.


Transformation is completed in only a few minutes, and visitors can stay in their places during the transformation! It means that there is no need to close the restaurant and to lose some working hours and to spend the human resources for the transformation works - all done automatically by pressing a button on the remote control! 

SMART CONTROL helps to roll up/down automated partition walls, to change common lights and to raise/lower automated local light chandeliers, to change the heights of the automated furniture, to change the picture/video on a Virtual Wall.

2 modes of furniture height, unlimited variability of Virtual Wall, 3 modes of local lights, various options of partition walls, 2 functions of mobile zone and 3 modes of plan generally provide unlimited opportunities for the visual transformation of the premises.

Transformation features allow changing style and the aesthetics of the restaurant, even to quick install the PERSONALIZED THEMES for special events and parties. 

The BUILDING COSTS of the Marriott 3D Restaurant exceeds costs of ordinary interior to such extent  as the building costs of Smart Home exceeds building costs of an ordinary house. For example, RGB LED bulbs cost 7$/pcs, Virtual Wall LED panels cost 600$/sqm, blinds changing mechanism cost the same as dinamic billboards mechanisms.

The EXPLUATATION COSTS of the automated transformation concept will be smaller than to competitors concepts: Automated transform concept don't require to pay to loaders for everyday furniture and lamps rearrangement, don't require close restaurent for many hours for rearrangement process and don't require huge storages. LED lamps and LED Virtual Wall consums small energy and energoefficient.

Concept can be implemented in the premises of any size, any shape and any ceiling height. It allow to integrate this concept to any or all of Marriott restaurants. 

Concept can be based on ANY DESIGN of elements (chairs, tables, blinds, lamps). This means that the concept can be applied in all Marriott restaurants, with any cultural context,  and all the restaurants will remain DIFFERENT. In other words, if the concept is based on specific design elements of the interior, all the restaurants built on this concept will be the same. But it is important that restaurant-transformer was not only different by himself, but  that every Marriott restaurant differs from each other. That's why my concept is implementable with any design and shapes of elements. For example the lamp may be any shape, but it will have height regulated cable and RGB LED bulbs. 

Marriott 3d Restaurant FEATURES:



Partition walls (roll-ups or Roman blinds) are fixed on the ceiling profiles like interchangeable theatrical scenery. They may be pulled down or raised - this is done automatically by remote control. Walls rolls up/down in just a few minutes. Harvested walls with different patterns provide a quick visual transformation. In several minutes space can be transformed from a cocktail bar to restaurant, from cafeteria to a night club, etc. Partition walls by themselves are effective way to transform the visual perception of space, especially the visual scale. Personalized changeable blinds: blinds can be photoprinted with personalized information, so you can transform the interior into ideal place for the specific event � art exhibition, wedding reception, corporate party, etc. Partitions in minutes can divide whole area to customised zones for business meetings, private meetings, banquets etc.



Wall consists of LED panels mounted on a glass surface. 
LED panels can display a variety of pictures or video, or be turned off. Virtual Wall provides unlimited possibilities of visual transformation. Video showing (water flows, burning of fire, flickering of stars) makes space emotional and dynamic. Virtual wall can broadcast Ocean video, transforming itself into Virtual Aquarium (just imagine how the whale swims past your table�). LED panels of Virtual wall can broadcast City Webcam streaming, transforming into window to another point of world: You can be in NY and experience dining in Moscow, Riga, or Kuala-Lumpur for example. LED can show also natural interior materials - wood, stone, carpet, etc. (it means that Virtual Wall can look like a wooden wall for example). Additional TVs and Virtual Wall can transform restaurant to Football PUB or Sport Bar - Virtual Wall can broadcast FANS in the stands of the stadium, creating a sense of presence in the stadium.



In addition to the regulated common lightening there are automated chandeliers for the local lightening. Chandeliers attached to the ropes and can vary the height and colour of the light. Due to the ropes, chandeliers can raise/lower or be removed - the regulation height of lamps is automated - using the remote control. Changing the height of chandeliers will transform the interior physically and emotionally. 

The use of colored RGB light bulbs can emit light with any shade of light. For example, red tonality of light creates a mood of privacy. 



Tables and chairs have 2 modes of height - Lounge and Dining. Furniture is connected to the electric motors and centralized control system, so height mode can be changed automatically using remote control. Visitors can safely stay on the ground when furniture height is changing. Chairs and tables have wheels to facilitate moving furniture in case of banquets, weddings, corporate parties, etc. Height affects FUNCTIONAL TRANSFORMATION � higher tables to dine or lunch, lower ones to chill out and lounge.



By the morning the Mobile Zone is the Smörgåsbord buffet, and by the evening it is dancing zone with small stage. Equipment of buffet can be hidden in the closet located nearby. Manual transformation of the Mobile Zone can take 10 minutes. Furniture positioned so that moving it from one mode to another mode can be very fast: rearrangement of furniture conceived such a way that tables and chairs must be moved no more than 1 meter! Or rearrangement means a rotation in the same place at 90 degrees. In both cases, the rearrangement occurs as quickly as possible, which means greater savings.Restaurant plan has 3 modes: Morning mode, Evening mode and Banquets mode. Plans are designed so that the transition from one mode to another can take no more than 10 minutes. Rearrangement of the furniture requires no storage of furniture, removal of furniture outside a restaurant and time-consuming. There are 2 places for buffet counters in Morning mode. The first one is near of the Open kitchen and presented in mobile GN containers, neutral & hot (with candle heating). The other one is on the Mobile Zone and presented in two mobile buffet counters (one is hot, and one is cold). After breakfast all the buffet equipment is taken away to the closet room.



Thanks to the automated management it would be saved a lot of money to hire labour for manual movement or replacement of items. Automated control of elements using the remote control will allow the restaurant to be open to visitors all the time.



Functional and typological transformation is able from restaurant to a sport pub, or a night club, or an art gallery. The presentation shows visualisations of 12 different THEMES: White Breakfast, Soccer Pub, DayLight, Red Dragon, Russian Cuisine Days, Crystal Rain Cocktail Bar, Blue Neon Night Club, Seafood&Grill, DayLight, Art Exhibition, Black Safari, and Green Bamboo. But in this concept quantity of possible themes is practically unlimited!



Traditional transition elements are parts of the concept: cutlery, tablecloths, vases, candles and other elements of table setting, uniforms, light dimming, etc.

Presentation VIDEO shows the process of transformation: in time of just minutes TOTAL visual transformation is achieved simply. From theme to theme elements are moved and virtual elements are changed to create new mood and environment. 

 Automated Transformation concept can be implemented in any spaces, and for any types of catering businesses. Due to automated transformation THEME change takes only 5 minutes.You can even transform your fine restaurant into McDonald�s  ... for a while, of course, if you have such a wish.




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