Waves and color
Waves and color, 3 elements that will completely change the entire restaurant.


My idea is simple, based on 3 elements that will completely change the entire restaurant.

1. Living sky, that changes as desired, made with fabric, pulleys and sliding systems,has 3 functions: control,solar incidence on the glass wall, create more intimate settiings for private gatherings (fabric walls) , and finally, being an acoustic insulation, for a site which 150 people will be talking and making sounds at the same time

2. a wall that also appears to be alive, that changes color, thanks totemperature-sensitive tiles, currently on the market. Color is controlled from behind, with injections of heat or cold from the oven or cold rooms of the kitchen.


3. columns that change color, lined with a new material, wich is a simple fabric, woven with optical fiber, wich is an excellent with light.


 besides the buffet area in the evening tuns into a bar moving a little the seats, and raising the curtains.

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