Theater Restaurant
Theater Restaurant


Like in a theater, were the scenery changes for each scene, in the Theater Restaurant the atmosphere can change dramatically for each occasion, not only by changing the illumination or the organization of the tables, but also by modifying the use of the space,volumes, textures, colors and uncovering hidden objects.

Just like in a real theater!


The Theater Restaurant is designed to host various types of events, not only for eating, but also for private parties, conferences, art exhibitions and concerts in order to attract also local customers which are a very important target that can increase the profits, specially in low season .


The elements used to change the environment for each occasion are:

- Revolving Decoration;

- Raised floor;

- Hanging panels;

- Courtains;

- Hidden Bar;

- Video Mapping;


All the different layouts can be changed thanks also to the stackable chairs, modular tables and inflatable sofas.


The combination of these decorative elements can be used to create completely different restaurants, changing the interior design of the restaurant according to the target customer (business, family, young couples, mature couples etc), the geographical position of the hotel (country, location in the city - downtown or outskirts, mountain, or beach etc) and the category of the hotel (five stars or less).

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