Cups and ball
Magic cups and ball trick


In my opinion, the thing that has the biggest effect on the restaurant�s interior are visitors. They bring so much color, texture, sound and have a huge influence on spatial dimensions. There is a big risk to create a chaotic environment if you manipulate with lots of colors, materials or forms. My goal was to design a module that could be used to manipulate space, light and, of course, visitors, to create ever different space and emotion. The module could also be used as a brand-defining element in other �Marriot� hotel restaurants as well.


The module is a dome shaped transformable screen. It is constructed form metal or plastic frame with a fabric cover. This module could have individual lightning system whose color could be chosen depending on the need. Providing there is enough vertical space, the module could be attached to the ceiling and its vertical position could be automatically adjusted.


In this project the modules are 3.5 m height with 3.5 m diameter.  The dome is fixed to the ceiling or to the holder (rope) and can be rotated 360° degrees.

Multiplying these domes within the restaurant space, you can create endless amount of plan configurations with individual lighting, spatial structure, different privacy levels, emotions and moods.

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