The idea is create nomad systems that can be easily changed to create new atmospheres depending the needs of everyday restaurant.

the mobility of each presented systems garentee a quickly solutions update and the organic character of the forms create a perfect integration with other elements and between each others

Fort by Studio Arihiro Miyake

An acoustic particion system, formed out of recycled PET bottle fibre. the assembly is by the integrated high performance magnets, witch allows easy modification and unlimited extensibility of the system. 

Vitra Algue:

Algues are both functional design components and decorative elements. Reminiscent of plants, the plastic elements can be linked together to form web-like textures - from light curtains to opaque, thick room dividers. 

Ditto by 3Form:

Play with structure, form, color shape and light, is a 3d modular product by 3Form.

This system uses cross-shaped pieces designed to work together to create 3D partitions, allows design customisation with the low impact of 40% pre-consumer recycle content.

Modular Screen by LERIVAL

Inspired in part by camouflage patterns, Modular Screen is a space-defining system of perforated panels. Comprised of a series of four panel types, the system allows the pieces to overlap in a number of configurations. The result is a flexible hanging partition in wich the layering of individual pieces de-emphasizes its modular nature.

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