This concept focus on elastic deformation-alteration of ceiling, flooring and mobile walls.


Elasticity (physics): continuum mechanics of bodies that deform reversibly under stress.

�Stretch it!� is a concept inspired by the elasticity of materials. But it is also a metaphor to focus on the possibility to have a lot of configurations according to different uses in different moments of the day. It is a simple combination of transformable elements and gives a great amount of configurations. Transformable elements are:

  • stretchable nylon ceiling,

  • flexible curtains,

  • pump-able up sofas.


Is simply a continuum elastic backlit nylon fabric inside a holed false-ceiling. It can be moved by inner light spheres putted inside. An infinity of transformations: it can instantly change shapes, colours, luminosity and so it can turn totally the atmosphere!

From a flat ceiling to a cluster of lights and colours exactly on your head!


Elastic curtains running along a sinuous rail design on the ceiling; they are collected inside the ceiling and inside cabinets putted on a wall.

Their target is to design �little spaces� inside the big one in order to have privacy for private dinners or events. They are stretchable from the ceiling.

From a big space to a group of little transparent �rooms�!


For relaxing moments! Or lounge activities, meeting. They are hidden under the raised floor, they became active by pumping air and came out from the holes in the floor.

From restaurant to alternative use of space!

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