MOODS Restaurant
Moods restaurant is a magical, creative space that reflects the mood of the hour.


Moods restaurant is a magical, creative space that reflects the mood of the hour. It achieves the transformation of moods using the basic architectural elements. This idea has a very practical approach towards designing a transforming restaurant for a brand like Marriott.

The best aspect of this idea is that the space can be changed using only a few elements or all the elements at once. The transformation can be achieved by so many different permutations and combinations that one can keep changing the atmosphere in the restaurant throughout the week and not just throughout the day.

This idea consists of various elements that can transform the space and atmosphere in the restaurant. The elements are listed below:

Ceiling: The ceiling is formed by a grid of metal frames. A criss-cross grid of wooden slats rests on these metal frames. Every alternate slat has lights and every other is openable electronically.  Screens, projectors, lights etc. can be dropped down from these openable slats. Also, the metal grids holding the wooden slats can move up-down electronically changing the ceiling profile.

Telescopic tables: The telescopic table design electronically changes height at different hours of the day as per the restaurant need. Also, the table contains 2 kinds of lights controlled electronically which can bring change in the dining experience.

Movable light poles: These will be light weight acrylic light poles that can be lifted and carried anywhere in the restaurant. These contain screens inside them which can be pulled out and attached to another light pole. The screens can be changed/replaced. Images/videos relevant to the events at the restaurant can be projected on these screens as well.

Movable wooden floors: Wooden floors on wheels are of 3 different sizes. These can be moved around anywhere in the restaurant. They can be used for seating/ private parties/ as a stage etc.

Louvered shutters wall: This wall has 3 different elements which change the space. First are the niches at the two ends of the wall with artefacts and focus lights. Second are the louvered shutters which can change the light piercing thru the louvers depending upon the opening of louvers. The shutters can be opened to show the third element that is the water body. The water body has ripple creating machine and lights which can change colour. This arrangement changes the light falling in the room and the effect of the light continuously.

Glass floor has lights underneath which can be changed or partially/fully switched on or turned off. LED screens can display images/videos etc. relevant to the event at the restaurant.

The lights dropped from the ceiling are height adjustable so they can be brought down as the tables go down during the lounge hours.