Restaurant Transformer


Make clean interior for more relaxed and comfortable. Inspired of modern minimalist and industrial high-tech used aluminium column and decorated walls and space into the mean columns.
So I divide the place of different areas: restaurant area, buffet/ open kitchen, lounge area, greeting area, conference area and cocktail area.
To transform the space used moved wall in the restaurant area and lounge area, first are from two parts, and chanded the atmosphere as hide  part of furnitures with different colour. And result of this is the nice lighting effect. In the lounge area hide all place with bar tabs and chairs to the window.
The kitchen used moved plane and included stove and grill so will be easy to change the kitchen for  breakfast.
Some part of furnitures in the buffet/ kitchen area  just changed the side  for breakfast.
Stretch tables in the restaurant area for comfortable home atmosphere and to transform the space.
Circle wall inspired of circle shapes in the lounge area and so I found circle wall, nice effect of circle shape, easier to transform the lounge area, hide and unhide the space with wall stretch function.