Restaurant interior changing from breakfast to dinner
The main idea is restaurant interior changing from breakfast to dinner: Breakfast - a large number of seats, comfortable tables and chairs or small sofas, also has a special large table for ready meals (buffet) and additional kitchen tables. The interior


The main elements of the restaurant:

Small sofas on the walls and individual tables with chairs can be grouped into soft zones with big divans and large table, and under the serving tables hidden some chairs, which can be turned into individual tables with chairs.

Large table for ready meals (buffet) for breakfast, is located between the central columns on special hinges and under table are hidden a sofa area. At dinner large table is rotated 90 degrees and turns into three comfortable soft zones with sofas and tables.

Special separate tables with sofas, table tops can be divided in half and pick up to a sufficient height each individual table joined with a sofa in two rectangular tables-drawers, from which you can then create a single large table (buffet, action cooking area) for dinner.

On one wall (it is possible for a few) are special frames for paintings, photographs, or any printed material (high-quality images, etc.). I provided a frame size of 1600 x 1200 mm. got 9 two-party frames total of 18 image, I specially used a variety of pictures to show possibilities of frames. Frames secured so that they can rotate 180 degrees and move to the side on special rails, such mechanisms are widely used in interior doors, furniture, windows etc. As a result, I got nine frames located in three sites in two layers on the two rails (the first section of 2 +1, second 3 +1 and third 1 +1). Each frame can be rotated 180 degrees, moving from side to side, frame the first layer can closed a second layer and  opened section of wall frames, etc.

Columns can be decorated with special louvers triangular shape, which are widely used in billboards, rotating the louvers to 120 degrees, we get three different surfaces. In his project, I created one side of the triangular louvers made of wood, the second green marble, third decorative glass, which corresponds to the idea is restaurant interior changing from Breakfast,

Lunch and Dinner.

To set the ceiling, I was inspired by children's toy kaleidoscope; special decorative elements arranged in layers one by one and need only turn to special mechanisms that would open every single layers form amazing geometric designs terns like a kaleidoscope. You can use the electric motors like in ceiling ventilators or do it by hand with a special tool like a large long screwdriver.

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