Draw your space
The proposal is based on modules that work as walls and / or ceiling, which allow to transform its shapes, heights, sizes, colors and lighting, generating different spaces and moods.


The design is developed from modules with integrated individual parts, that work as wall and / or ceiling, which allow to change its shapes, heights, sizes, colors and lighting of the space, through  The modules are formed by links; each link is made by two components:

 � A structure with a transmission chain shape, composed of links woven together by bolts, which through an electromechanical control, can rotate each other, allowing to change the profile shape. The structure is fixed to the floor at the ends, and has the capacity to sustain itself without need any intermediate support: through the electromechanical control each link is loosen or tighten, allowiing to rotate (to transform its shape) or remaing rigid (to keep it). Material: metallic structure that holds the electromechanical system.

� A three-face panel of different colors and individual lighting, which works like ceiling and / or wall, joined to the structure by an axis, allowing to rotates, and showing a different color, depending the face is observed, through an electromechanical control. Material: aluminum structure and lightweight material.

 In this way, you can transform environments, allowing to generate integrated or intimate, public or private spaces and changing the mood of the place: sober, festive, psychedelic, relaxed. It also allow to transform the space, even when diners are inside.