The Backstage
"The Backstage" restaurant is a space that indicates a series of exciting changes that happens behind the scenes...only to be revealed to the few who are able to enter it...


"The backstage" restaurant is more like a set up for the final performance. The design revolves around quick automation, usage of materials that complement the timing factor as well as the aura it tries to create once the elements fall into place. 

Day Time

The guests have breakfast under a morning sky scene that is actually an LED ceiling. The clouds move every time there is movement underneath.

Night Time

- The ceiling slides into a recess revealing an array of drapes with LED strip lights.

- The cubicle below is compressed together (with the help of coasters and sliders) to form a walkway for people to enter and access the bar at the end.

- The side panels will be raised to bring out the furniture from inside and slid down again.

- The top panels of the cubicle are brought down to form a roof over the diners.

- The cubicle is lit in the night

- The draperies come down to form an entire new space.


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