And there will be mood!
Restaurant Transformer - Modular System for Marriott


  • All modules can easily change their look and feel and will change the mood of their surroundings
  • The modules can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all other sitting activities
  • By doing easy but effective changes, they could also be used as (separated) lounge  or meeting spaces
  • These changes will be realized with less effort by rotating the main modul, turning the seating area and rotating the table/wall parts. The modules will be fixed on the floor, a fixation on the top of the room is possible aswell
  • The whole module is covered by a LED luminated cover / outer shell.
    The lumination will be changed by an easy to handle programming and so create any colour fitting to a theme or time of day
  • The moduls will be fixed on the floor but a fixation on the Decke is also possible