Simplicity - Vertical Garden
sketch - I'm finishing the renderings


The project consists of 3 main features: 

1. a portion of pavement with rails on wich flow seating and tables. 
This allows a rapid transformation of space in a fast and dynamic mode. 

2. a system of wire mesh used as curtains, or allows you to create separate areas of open spaces. 
The curtains were studied in order to "embrace" the tables and enclose them in a private space. 
It was also a system of double sliding doors that allow you to create an intimate setting for conferences and conventions. 

3. The most important peculiarity of this project is the "vertical garden mysterious." 
"Mysterious" because it can be covered by a translucent PVC wall cabinet to be discovered when you want. 
For example, in the morning can be covered the garden wall, and during dinner can be found, and create a special atmosphere and a great effect for the restaurant's guests. 
The gardens are 2 in the vertical, a right of the entrance area and the other on the back wall. 
The wall that covers the vertical garden was also designed in a particular way: it is off the cubes that become even tables to eat. 

The ceiling was designed with a series of PVC translucent cubes that create a continuity between the ceiling and back wall. 
These cubes can be illuminated at night thanks to the various colors of LED technology. LED lights are positioned within the cube. 

Environment near the entrance (on the right) were placed two movable walls that slide on wooden rails on the floor. 
In these walls were "embedded" two tables on which the walls can slide. 
In this way the tables can be "split" for private dinners or "united" for company dinners. 

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