Eco Multimedia Restaurant
Comfort, sophistication and refinement in a technological and ecological environment.


The project first idea was do a space with environmentally friendly technologic materials (ecologic)  , using  bamboo timber instead of  wood timbers , LED in the ceilings giving the ambient possibilities of colors textures and light scale luminosity . For the floors and walls is going to be urged LED screens giving the possibility for people to connect their devices like laptops, notebooks, Ipads and IPods until a cell phone. With led Screens on floor and in the walls we may have different textures and images that can be changed according to season dates, for private or special events, parties or even for entertainment in a common day. In the furniture will be urged LED screens and also will have entries for electronics Medias, headsets and pen drives (USB), in that way, people will can enjoy a movie, clip music video or watch the daily news. The furniture pieces can be assembled in a group or individual way, giving the space mobility and different layout possibilities. The furniture will be unique in the design , in the utilities and uses .Is going to be used eco friendly fabric in the furniture , like natural products and recycling material  (products from soybeans , bamboo , coconut ,  herb and plants in general as well recycle fabrics and alternatives products ).  The fountain at the entrance of the restaurant is an attempt to improve air quality raising the humidity and decreasing the temperature. The garden that cover all the space is made by Plants like bamboo and fruit trees that is a durable, easy cultivation, fast-growing and relative low maintenance. The fruit tree will be can changed according to the seasons. So people will have in the saloon the season's fruit.

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