Gossamer Wings
Gossamer Wings


The space is delineated by physical modifications via dividers (Gossamer Wings). Several types of wings (of various translucent materials) are available for extension from the ceiling or from rotating vertical enclosures.  Color LED light fixtures between the wings create a glow. The wings can take on the look of chinese fans, wings of eagles, dragonflies, or angels.

Projections onto select walls behind the banquette seating emphasize particular moods. The projections are of landscapes, textures or lighting effects. LED�s are also arranged behind the banquette seating to splay in a fan effect on the walls, reminiscent of the physical fans.

A vertically sliding angled panel further emphasizes the feeling of enclosure or openness. The ceiling is a flexible perforated wood panel (for acoustics) that can be curved by applying tension to the top.

Standard tables and chairs are used, making replacement easy. Tables are all shown as four-person, but a mix of two-person and four-person tables is easy to accommodate. The banquette seating areas allow tables to be pushed together for larger groups. Tablecloths add to the formality of evening dining. 

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