GREAT SPIRITS / Inanimate objects do you have a soul ?
A cosy and cocoon restaurant during the day transforms itself in the evening into an haunted place, subject to strange phenomena.


The main material used is a thick, white and starched fabrics that covers loosely chairs, tables and lamps.

Those elements give the impression to float lightly in the space like if they were losing their materiality.

The space is limited between plants and an oxyded mirrorish surface. Dark stones tiles cover the room, and an old barn wood the columns.

This luxurious little forest make you feel alive under the morning sun, but night comes, forest is just a fear , isn't it ?

This relaxing and warm space is changing to an uncanny environnement, a conversation between a levitating table and moving lights.

In the middle of the table matrix, one table of four, stays forever reserved for the local "Great and popular minds".

When the hour comes, the intruders leave the ground and levitate around their table.

New "great spirits" can be invited every new season through vote of the costumers.

Lights in this restaurant are unpredictable. Wise and sleepy in the morning, moving imperceptibly along rails after the sun goes down, their intensity gently oscillating.

The floating beings, dresses in white in the dark, care the light around the haunted place.

The idea relies on the relative simplicity of the device, the fact that even people coming for the breakfast will heard/know/think about it, and the beauty, comfort and homogeneity created by the fabrics all together.

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