Goal: To achieve architectural and atmospheric change with minimal human intervention


Principal to this idea is a ceiling which adjusts for both height and color to create a unique environment for breakfast, lunch, dinner, night use, and any other combination desired. We use a dense grid of color changing, adjustable height LED light fixtures in the main dining space. Each fixture contains red, green, and blue LEDs to achieve appropriate color mixtures (e.g. cool in the morning or warmer at night).  Each is also on an independent micro winch that allows it to be modified to a custom height.  The lights will be configured in groups or individually to create a distinct pattern and color effect for each time period.  The light color and fixture length will be activated by electronic control software on a pre-determined schedule. Infinite custom configurations are also possible.

The HVAC main trunk line will be over the buffet/restroom area and feed small secondary ducts that run between the light grid.  Diffusers extend to below the lowest light elevation to prevent air movement on the lights. 

The exterior window wall has decorative panels which will be adjusted for each meal to control daylight and enhance privacy.  They consist of three vertically placed panels which are all attached to a hydraulic telescoping column suspended from the ceiling and manually rotated to create the different positions. 

The rear wall of the dining space contains flat screen televisions which can be hidden by vertically sliding panels. White panels are pocketed below the televisions while black ones are pocketed above. Both are linked to the controls system and will be raised or lowered depending on the color effect desired.  The TV power will be shut off when they are obscured to prevent them from activating unnecessarily. 

The structural columns include drop down 42" high counters which allow for solo users at breakfast or couples after dinner.