The project idea is based on the ability of physical transformation of three main interior elements that allows the simulation of different experiences within a single restaurant space.


First element creates the heart of the restaurant. It is a rotating floor platform with a 360-degree range of movement which enables to change the position of the furniture located on its surface in just a few minutes. In this way, the restaurant central seating area is directed to face the windows in the morning, while the opposite part of the platform allows for free space for the breakfast buffet. Whereas in the evening the same seats and tables can be rotated so that the dinner guests can enjoy the open kitchen experience and the opposite space now facing the rest of the restaurant can be used for small events or live music performances.

Second element is a group of movable screens made of opaque glazed tubes with integrated LED lights. Their interesting texture and the possibility of adjusting different colors give the restaurant its unique light character. Located in different areas of the restaurant they act as vertical space partitions as well as modern window curtains and enable to create smaller areas and to separate spaces of different uses.

Third changeable design element is a ceiling light which shade collapses and expands to allow for more or less light to be diffused. Fully opened lamps help to create a fresh daily mood, while closed for the evening they become hanging chandeliers, ideal for more intimate atmosphere.

Although all these elements used together can change the shape, mood and function of the restaurant space by �360-degree�, when needed they can also be used independently from each other.

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