Transformative Social Hub
The Transformative Social Hub is a restaurant concept that uses a rotating bar and buffet area to transform the atmosphere of the restaurant from an open informal ambiance to an intimate formal ambiance.


Hotel restaurants over the years have lost an increasing market share to restaurants located off hotel property because the hotel restaurant has become unappealing and obsolete in its current incarnation. The Transformative Social Hub concept is a way to correct that trend by making hotel restaurants relevant both to a hotel�s appeal and its bottom line. 

Architecturally speaking, the Transformative Social Hub is a restaurant concept that comprises dynamic components that changes the feel of the restaurant by rotating the bar and buffet areas to either open up the restaurant or create a more intimate experience. Both the bar and buffet areas are placed on a turntable that rotates depending on the occasion. This creates an inspiring restaurant environment that ultimately enhances the overall guest experience at the hotel. 

From a business perspective, the Social Hub creates multiple revenue sources within the same restaurant. Guests can sit down in the main dining room for an intimate dinner, enjoy a casual dinner by the open kitchen, or get a drink at the bar with friends. The Transformative Social Hub creates each of these unique dining environments to appeal to the greatest number of guest preferences and price points. 

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