The Six Senses
Mario new restaurant concept


The Six  Restaurant it's all about changing, adaptability, excellence, balance, warmth and last but not

least, it's all about the client.

Six wants to overcome the customers' expectations offering, besides a variety of dining experiences,

even the perfect setting for reading, watching TV, organizing events (e.g. business conferences),

dancing, relaxing, meeting with a group of friends or colleagues, and an intimate and classic one for

romantic dates with the beloved one. To make this happen, the restaurant was divided in different

types of area, each room has a different style, so the client can feel that he's at the right place, with

the right people sharing similar activities.

Six Senses is focusing on the notion Balance, especially because it needs neither too much

investment, nor a big effort for the staff to change the elements for the interior design. So the final

result being a satisfying one: a warm restaurant, cozy, elegant, modern, sweet and flexible.