Wireframe Spaces
Wireframe Spaces


Transparent, Modern, Flexible

The target was to find a very simple and inexpensive system to change the space of the restaurant; this concept will give us unending variations of spaces, the spaces could very small and cozy or they could be big open spaces, all of them are created only by lines (rubber strings or cables) in very short time.

The transparent of the space is related to the number of the strings that define the space; we could make the space more transparent by reducing the number of the lines (strings)

The spaces could be very elegant and formal by using rectangular forms, or they could be very informal by using free forms!!!!

The concept is very simple, the walls, the ceiling and the ground will be covered by a perforated material which could be (metal or wood) so we could connect them by the lines

The circulation in this proposal is not a big deal, because we could change the forms according to the best circulation.



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