Stop guessing.


Rather than design a space that physically transforms through moving partitions, dynamic projections and light shows, we�re proposing an experientially dynamic (yet physically fixed) architectural intervention that can be occupied in varying ways throughout the day.  

Rather than designing one space for different programs and uses at different times, we�ve designed one hybrid space to accomodate any number of programs at the same time.  

The fact of the matter is that hotel patron expectations are increasingly difficult to accomodate.  Some people start the morning quietly with a coffee and the paper.  Others want to nurse a hangover by guzzling Screwdrivers and loudly recapping the events of the night before.  Truth is, Marriott has to cater to both of these �morning� people (and many other unique types too) simlultaneously and one space that simply looks different than it did the night before isn�t going to cut it.  

�  Our hydrid space reflects the dynamic and quickly changing world in which we live.  Rather than designing for a series of fixed and prescribed experiences, the new Marriott Transformer stages chance encounters and attends to fleeting desires.  

�  Through a series of simple spatial gestures, we�ve created multiple occupiable levels with varying levels of privacy.  Expressed through light, color, sound, sight and texture, endless options are possible.

�  Our design allows patrons to engage programs as they choose.  Rather than guessing what a guest may want, the guest chooses the experience they desire at that particular moment.  

�  Each area of our design is receptive to multiple programmatic uses.  Depending on the needs and time of day, one area may host dinner one night and a completely different area may host it the next.  More importantly, an unoccupied space is not an empty space.

The Marriott Transformer evokes a deeply personal connection with space.  Sure, lighting may change the feel of the space throughout the day, but at Marriott it is each guest�s unique desires that activate the true transformation.  

Stop guessing.  

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