Our space would like to emphasize togetherness, and revive the value of friendship.


The spirit of the time is what dictates to us the spirit of the place.  In a world where borders are crumbling, and physical and cultural territories are slowly merging, there is once again room for the concept of the inn:  The cozy, dimly lit, protective space where, along random encounters and a sense of human connection through physical contact and conversation, worldly affairs are managed and economic, cultural and spiritual transactions are taking place.
Our space would like to emphasize togetherness, and revive the value of friendship.  We challenge the tendency for social withdrawal which is represented and emphasized by the personal computer screen, and propose to replace it by active outreach, expanding it and applying it three-dimensionally over the entire seating space. 

We believe that intimate space has lost its power to the social space, with the latter becoming stronger and clearer as a new sphere of thought and influence. 
In our restaurant space there is no place to hide, and one is actually required to take a stand.  As you walk in, you are accompanied to your seat by a ceremonial beam of light.  You sit at a table that you share with strangers, whose role is the same as yours, to encourage communication and to engage in dialogue.  Etiquette invites you to stand up at any moment and describe your personal calling card to those present, thus enabling them to connect with you on a personal, business or cultural basis.

Deconstruction of the term "social protest" reveals a clear distinction between day and night situations.  The day is white, illuminated and prompting the clear, conscious formulation of creative ideas.  The bright appearance of the space reflects these qualities.  The night, on the other hand, is dark, instinctive, sensual.  Our night space is therefore Fauvist, reacting with the sound and movement of a wild animal � it holds the moment when things happen. 

When we come to propose to Marriott to initiate a social statement, we also wish to create a clear ethical code of basic concepts.  Values such as social justice, equal opportunity, acceptance of the Other, friendship and solidarity � are now placed upon the traditional hotel dining table, offering a new menu of flavors and smells, and a fresh, updated sense of unity. 

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