Creating social spaces for a connected world.

$20,000prize pool

Creating social spaces for a connected world.


Tablet was founded in the year 2000 by Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis, a pair of new-media veterans who were tired of predictable chain hotels and faceless hotel search engines. On the principle that today’s traveler needs fewer choices, not more, they set out to create a tightly curated list, showcasing only the hotels that matter — hotels with personality, hotels that obsess on the details, hotels where experience beats economy. That list, after a decade of evolution, makes up the selection of, the trusted source for extraordinary hotels around the world.

The natural next step, of course, is to open a hotel. Anyone with enough money can open a solid-gold luxury hotel. Tablet’s hotel would be up for a conceptual challenge, tackling what might be hospitality’s hardest problem: creating a hotel that brings people together.

This is the holy grail of urban hospitality: a hotel where guests mingle freely with locals, and with other guests — where experience is shared, friendships are born, business contacts are established, and real human connections are made, all under the hotel’s roof.


Task Definition

Actual task

Create a hotel that connects travelers and locals.

What we are proposing is an architectural challenge, but also an experiment in human psychology. Many a hotelier has gone broke chasing an elusive crowd, and many a “hip hotel” has alienated its following with lazy (or greedy) gimmicks. A rigorously enforced guest list can create a buzz for a while, but it always fades when interesting people find themselves on the outside looking in. In today’s hotel business, the word “exclusive” is bandied about as a posh way of saying “really nice.” Nobody ever stops to ask who’s being excluded, and why. It’s all rather unbecoming, for an industry which purports to be about hospitality. 


Main Objective

So above all the proposed solution must be inclusive. The winning hotel will be a place where people come together unpredictably, unexpectedly, serendipitously. Hotel Claska, in Tokyo, has transformed its oversized lobby into an open-plan office-share workspace, which naturally brings hotel guests in direct contact with the creative professionals who use it. And the Ace Hotel in New York features a lobby that combines the best features of a café and a public library, where laptop-toting freelancers mingle freely until nightfall, when the DJ takes over and the drinking and dancing begin.


While entrants need not confine their solutions to physical space alone — there are technological ways of making connections as well — the focal point should be the place (or places) where hotel guests and city residents are brought together. Think beyond the typical lobby bar, restaurant or pool deck, and draw inspiration from your own travels to design a space with the potential to revolutionize the ordinary hotel experience.


The proposed social space can be located anywhere in the hotel, and it’s only one aspect of the challenge — naturally, the way in which it connects to the rest of the hotel experience is up to you. Your entry should not use a pre-existing hotel space, but the location is limited to downtown New York City, south of 23rd street. This means an urban setting, with street frontage, and a hotel surrounded by buildings of a roughly similar size.


Ultimately the space itself is only a piece of the puzzle. It’s up to you to find a way to create natural, unforced social interaction. Serving drinks is a tried and true method of nudging things in the right direction, but the tricky part is assembling the crowd in the first place — especially if it’s an authentically diverse, eclectic crowd you’re after. The winning space must demonstrate that it stands a chance of bringing together people from all across the city’s demographics and psychographics. The real test, though, will come at the end, when the chosen design will be featured on Tablet’s website as a Tablet hotel, available for booking.


Key Insight

This is not a concept for a far-future hotel. Proposals should utilize existing materials and existing (or currently possible) technologies. The desire for human connection is a timeless one. A central goal is to merge the two audiences; local and guests, in an authentic yet compelling manner. And while tasteful (or otherwise attractive) interiors are important in selling the concept, the foundation for a winning submission is the concept itself, not the surface qualities. Remember: the winning design will eventually appear on Tablet’s website as a Tablet hotel and be available for bookings, meaning the amount of bookings will be the ultimate determinate of its success.


Target Group

  • Business travelers
  • Curious locals





  • Authentic
  • Bold
  • Innovative
  • Irreverent


Mandatory requirements

  • Minimum of 5 Renderings - mainly of public spaces
  • Your entry should not use a pre-existing hotel space

  • The location is limited to downtown Manhattan

  • Written description of the project’s concept (focus on how it connects people!); room descriptions are not necessary unless relevant



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Wow! Very interesting project! I want to ask , should we design new building? And which exactly place for it we can choose ? it should be New York City, south of 23rd street? Or something different? Is the final result architectural project of new hotel?

hey zaarchitects, great to have you on board ;) You don't have to design a complete hotel, we're asking you to only design the spaces where you want to connect people (so if that's not in the hotel room, don't design the hotel room!). And yes, the place is downtown Manhattan (south of 23rd Street). And the final result chosen by Tablet will go on their site as a hotel that's available for bookings - and if enough people are psyched about it, it will eventually get built so... GOOD LUCK!

well i understood it as a challenge of a new communication space within a hotel. a conceptual approach on how to create new social interactions between people and guests focusing on that area and not on the conception of a hotel.

WOW! An interesting project!!!!! What are the dimensions of the space should be about?

Hmmm, a good question from Elina. I think the key data of this bulidng are important for planing. ;-)

Hey guys. I'll double check this with the client in the afternoon. But from what I understood, you are free to choose a space of any size. (so no, restrictions except that it should be in downtown manhattan)

And how can I find a place in Manhattan without seeing it? :))))

Hey Elina, you're not supposed to see/know it - see 'mandatory requirements': "our entry should not use a pre-existing hotel space". We just provided the information where this hotel was going to be located so you'd know about the surroundings - it's an urban surrounding rather than a dessert, an area booming with young, (creative) companies, lots of bars and restaurants, located right in the heart of Manhattan. And there are no parameters on the size, go wild (well, keep in mind that we are talking about Downtown Manhattan prices...). Hope that helps?

Take a look at GOOGLE-STREET View - You can see the compl. 23rd. Street from all sides ............... walk through - and you get an imagination of the place and area.

@ Natalie . Thank you Nathalie! I just do not understand I have to specify a specific location on the street for the hotel or to show the principle of organization of space for Manhattan? @Mocki010 Thanks it is very useful information!!!! :)

@Elina: No no, it's just so you get an idea in which area this hotel is placed. It's located in a famous, fascinating city with a unique drive, thus an urban surrounding with a vast cultural offer (Chelsea galleries are close, the Meatpacking district with numerous clubs is close, the Highline invites to get lost strolling...), an overall very creative district (tech start-ups, co-working spaces everywhere around), with the most diverse and interesting people, a melting pot where everyone has a special story. And of course, you can't design a castle as space is limited. You DO NOT have to find a available space that could serve as hotel. Leave that up to the Tablet Hotel guys ;) Really just so you have an idea of the neighborhood. Curious to see your idea!

Cool, waiting for your design concept.

thx for the link. interesting

Very interesting.. Thanks Arina

Thanks for this good article. :)

Yay! Finally a project where my college degree comes in handy.... I did Hotelschool The Hague, once upon a time. :)

aha. That's why you speak Dutch ;)

Precies. Eight years with a Dutch boyfriend helped as well... :)

I think I just had a Déjá-Vue !? ;-)

Then sth went wrong. We didn't have a contest with this approach so far ;)

I guess they´re changing the Matrix again!!! :-|

Ha Ha...nice one MTSR :))

Count the Idea or the design ? I have a great idea but i know nothing about room design, architecture or something like that. I done some sketches but they showed only the idea how people and hotel guest could come together and talk with each other.

i suppose you can ask an architect for collaboration? :)

I am hoping that they don't expect actual CAD/ 3D renderings... But. Since they are planning to actually have the hotel up for booking on the site, some good-looking graphics will be needed. Still unsure how to achieve that as well...

Both true. You can either just upload your sketches or you ask an architect to collaborate with you. Of course an eye-catching cover image helps to draw attention to your idea so it might be worth looking for a design-savvy collaborator. Also, please note that we are requesting rendered images in this contest. However, in the end you are welcome to just submit your sketches, of course! Good luck!

With rendered you actually mean 3d/ CAD? Ugh. I am a marketing & graphic design specialist, not a CAD renderer. And my sister in law would be perfect, she's an architect - but she's getting married soon, there is no way she can help. Should I just save my time and not get involved then?

P.S. I might still teach myself AutoCAD... but it does seem like a steep learning curve...

I also can recommend you to use Google Sketchup. It's free and quite easy to use. If you get familiair with the program you can make amazing things (i am talking out of a lot of experience with this program). I am an architectural student, but i always had a hard time with autocad, because i am visual minded and not 2d. So i am using Sketchup a lot for designing and it works great.

And if you need help with turning your design in a 3d model i maybe can help. It depends how complex it becomes and how much time, but i have got some time to spare and help others! So you can contact me on the platform of send me an email on

Hey there! I totally see this as a perfect example of how to put jovoto & community to good use, that's what it's there for :) Don't worry about the learning curve and go for it, I'd say! Or collaborate with another community member :)

Yess, that's the kind of collaboration we love to see here - thanks so much for offering your help, RD6! And as Jess said, don't worry about the learning curve, we had lots of people learning how to use rendering programs for our first architecture contest already (and win prizes, just ask ilines!), so you can do it, too. However, if for some reason you don't find the time, and you don't find anybody to collaborate with either, we still are very curious to see your idea, rendered or not! Good luck!

RD6 thanks a lot.

Thaks. :) And this is the second vote for SketchUp, my SIL mentioned that as well - so, just installed, fiddling with that. Again, thanks!

Okay, I can attest to the fact that SketchUp is manageable to learn.... First experimental render has been integrated in my entry. Can't wait to fiddle more with it!

Just to be clear! I can pick any building or does it need to be a building that is empty at the moment? I have found a perfect building, but it is occupied by a pretty successfull company so i can't imagine they will move. It is downtown Manhattan.


Hey RD6, I (hopefully) clarified above, that you DO NOT have to find an available space that could serve as hotel. We determined the area where the hotel should be placed just to give you an idea of the surroundings, not to make you go space hunting ;) If you want to use that space as inspiration base for your submission, go ahead, it's perfect as long as you develop it far enough to make it a unique idea!

Hey there! I'd say for now, focus onthe space itself rather than the outside building and I'll check back with more info!

No hidden ranks in this project?? :(

You're right. I activated the hidden ranks feature.

Interesting, It's probably the most honoust thing! Although i trust my fellow community members, sometimes exceptional votes are being cast! I am interested to see how this will affect the voting.

Stuff that completely baffles me, though? Number of ratings stays the same, but the rating percentage goes up and down the whole time.... I don't understand Jovoto. At all. :)

Your rating is influenced by the overall score of the whole contest, the amount of votes in the contest, the contest average, the votes for your idea. +take in to account the people who vote, but are on contest false or global false. So yes, it can change without a new vote.

See, you always manage to enlighten me. :) Thanks on all counts!

Hi! I know this question has been reiterated many times but just to be clear I don't have to specify a specific address/place in manhattan , right? Just so long as the concept fits within the setting of downtown manhattan.

I disagree with just anyplace south of 23rd Street - they are asking for a place where people will gather naturally and serendipitously - and for a design that compliments and invites that gathering - the classic definition of architecture - singular to that is traffic patterns of people - obviously more will gather at a corner than the middle of the block - also where are the subway stops and the bus stops and the generators of traffic such as museums, parks, restaurants, theaters, schools etc. - so to find the optimal places one has to diagram the traffic flow either by actual observing or by supposition - these diagrams will indicate the natural nodal points - then it is a matter of finding the attractive place at those and architecturally tweaking the traffic patterns so that people naturally are drawn into your place - it cannot just be anyplace - south of 23rd Street is larger than any other downtown in the country. The task is impossible without a specific address.

Why? A successful concept should also possibly be ported to other cities or countries, with some local tweaks... and I guess the perfect address also depends on the winning concept.

I am happy to just take a general "Manhattan" direction so far. And maybe I am completely off target. :)

Because the place should be part of the concept. Jerome is absolutely right. This is the correct approach to design.

I have to agree with Eartharchitect an Elina. A good building and concept need a simbiosys with the surrounding buildings, environmental, etc. If you planed something for one place in the city and you want to do the same in another place or city it's important to adapt it. ;-)

I guess I just approach the whole project differently, not being an architect. My concept mainly concentrates on how to get people to connect, taking the general Manhattan/ New York crowd into consideration... How this is then implemented in an actual space then depends on the space.

As long as a general open plan is possible towards the street, my concept will work... and it could be ported to other cities with a creative crowd. On the other hand, my renders will suck - I am already impressed with what I managed to make in SketchUp. :)

Which is a valid question for Jovoto - what's it gonna be? Architecture or social concept?

Guys, this question has been answered already a couple of times above. The client does not want to restrict you to a specific address. As crossthelime wrote so nicely ? "A successful concept should also possibly be ported to other cities or countries, with some local tweaks".

Perhaps it's handy to go trough nathalie's blogpost for some more background information.

He he he... couchsurfing was the first thing that came to my mind, too. Which is where my adopt-a-tourist part came from. :) Thanks for the link, hadn't seen that yet...

To be successful, a project must attract people - to attract people a project must respond to its context; it s the first and most important rule of architecture - it is not negotiable - the world is full of failed projects that ignore this fact -

Once you attract the people the second rule is the project must make them feel good - an important part of feeling good is context - for example where does the sun shine?

There are no other rules.

Starbucks needs walk-in customers and a fairly busy neighborhood. But selecting the right location is only the second step - the concept itself was devised before, then the matching location was found. And then each Starbucks surely takes location and light and building into consideration when designing that specific cafe.

I think we all approach a project like this one differently, depending on our background. I had the marketing materials and concept/ approach in order before even thinking about the actual space. And I understand that an architect thinks about the building first...

Could you just take a building as a given, design your concept around that - and then let the actual implementation team at Tablet adjust your concept if a different location is chosen?

Nice, thoughtful question...

All buildings are a given - to have a coffee SHOP you will have a building else it is just a cart. In a coffees shop you will brew and sell coffee and to do that, offer a place where people can hang out while drinking it.- also a given - that is the concept - and it can be pretty much anywhere.

Rule one - attract people - "...walk-in customers in a fairly busy neighborhood" - so... the corner has more people than the middle of the block - choose corner - the corner with a subway entrance has more people than one without - so choose corner with subway entrance - morning sunlight is attractive to coffee drinkers so choose northwest corner - the wind blowing the coffee smell comes from,,,, etc. When you satisfy all your criteria, it will become very specific - which was my point.

Rule two: make them feel good - certainly easier to feel good when your coffee shop is in a book store then it would be if it was in an auto repair shop with high levels of noise.

So even a simple specific use concept like a coffee shop ends up at a particular location - but here, they are asking for "...a place where people come together unpredictably, unexpectedly, serendipitously .... that connects travelers with locals." - they re asking for the place not the concept - the have the concept.

and you cant have a place without a real place - deciding what place is integral to the concept of locals mingling with travelers - it certainly cannot be where there is few locals or few travelers - it must be a place where there is or is going to be an abundance of both - for my entry, I chose a location between City Hall (locals) and World Trade Center Memorial (travelers), smack in the middle of the densest aggregation of subway stations in the world (volume) - picked a suitable candidate and redesigned it to invite the natural flow of people going around the building to go through it - and on the way, I invite them to linger a while by making them a offer they can't refuse - FOOD and DRINK!.

I picked a suitable candidate by applying my two rules of architecture but dozens of places would serve to satisfy the brief - but they must be specific places to insure success - - my choice might have a 98% chance of success, while across the street maybe a 90% - and I suppose you could argue that that is good enough - but I would disagree, especially for something new - I want the belt and the suspenders and a back-up for each.

Okay I think we are reading the brief differently... :)

You are saying "- they re asking for the place not the concept - the have the concept. "

I don't think they have the concept, but they possiby already have the space/ building, and just don't want to disclose the address yet for competitive reasons...

This is what I am basing my assessment on:

"What we are proposing is an architectural challenge, but also an experiment in human psychology. (...) Ultimately the space itself is only a piece of the puzzle. It’s up to you to find a way to create natural, unforced social interaction. (...) The winning space must demonstrate that it stands a chance of bringing together people from all across the city’s demographics and psychographics."

I guess we will know after the contest. sigh :) I really wish there was more client interaction beyong the half-time feedback....

love this conversation. It is where I hoped the project discussion would go. To me, this project is not about architecture or interior design, it is really a business concept with some visual pizazz added in for buy-in at the end of the 'designing' process. So far, it looks like some folks are starting with place as a key driver, some are looking at the business model or service design as a starting point. In the end, I bet the best projects will be a merging of the two. The hardest part of the project is proof of concept. Any one doing research or using human-centered design as part of their process? I bet engaging the world by observing, interviewing, surveying and documenting what real people are doing already will make for the most successful, interesting, exciting, memorable projects.

Interior design is architecture - architecture is the design of space for people - wether interior or exterior -"interior design" is a term used by interior decorators to pretend they do architecture - how the space feels and functions determines the quality of the architecture - if it feels good it is good - if it doesn't it's not - interior decorating is very important to making the space feel good - but it is only a part, and, like the link in a chain, important that it be as strong as the rest of the chain - but it is not the architecture..

One cannot do the design of space for people (architecture) without being human centered.

You cannot really tell if a design works until it is built and occupied - but you can rely on history - an Irish pub is a great example where stranger meets locals - the architect learns by observing people using spaces - and by post occupancy evaluation of his/her work- and by reading studies of how people interact with their environment.

Just to jump in here quickly - they do not have a concept, neither do they have a place yet (besides the fact that the place is part of the concept). They are looking to the community to develop the concept, and they leave the place up to you. Eartharchitect, you're saying that buildings at corners work better, and buildings right next to subway entrances work better too - perfect, then you made you're choice - place your hotel there, and start developing the concept. Please don't go crazy about the location guys. We don't need to hear - it's 20th/7th Av - we want to look at your concept, knowing approx where your hotel is located (downtown Manhattan).

i disagree; their concept is to have a place where travelers and locals meet naturally for the benefit of both; that is an excellent concept of hospitality.

The very first thing you need to implement that concept is a place where these two groups would naturally meet.

To bake a cake you need an oven - no amount of putting ingredients together will make that cake without the oven.

I agree with You! But we already have more or less exact location - 23th street. It's not precise location, because they want more concept, and less architecture project.

The "ideas" that have been submitted - are these actually the design intents, or are these just ideas that are used as jumping off points. I'm just confused as to how I enter my actual finished design proposal.

Hey Ana,

It are ideas in development. So if you would like to get feedback from our community while your developing your idea you should start submitting your drafts ;)

Cheers, Jeroen

I'm not sure I understand the business relationship between the winning purchased concept and Tablet. Will the relationship continue beyond the competition in some way?

Hey Burlix,

First of all there's a difference between the "community winner", and a purchased idea from Tablet. Tablet doesn't own any of the ideas after the project. If they decide to buy an idea (and the rights) they'll have to pay an additional $5,000 to the creative. It's up to them then if they work together with you -the creative- or with their own team. (usually they involve the creative though)

So yes, the relationship could continue after the project has ended.

If you got any more questions just drop me a private message :)

Cheers, jeroen

This is a link that can be interesting for this contest, is another contest to be developed in New York and in the download tab they let you download 2D and 3D Manhattan plans in dwg and 3ds formats that may be helpful for the renderings ; )

Hey flegido,

thanks a lot for this great support! :-))))

It is a quite old Sketchup model, altough the Twin Towers are still there....

Hei Flegido, Thanks for sharing!

Arriving in New York, people all day are about their business. People are committed, for which they came. They have neither the time nor the energy to plant flowers, sewing, crocheting, to organize free concerts, or go to the courses of handmade!

This is unreal!

Imagine that you are a tourist and came to New York and all the day was on the excursions.You came late to the hotel - do you personally would want to plant flowers there or knit?

The only thing to which the guests will be the strength and desire - to relax.

Where you are personally socialized with locals? In what places or through what kind of activities can be easear to socialize with locals in hotel?

The hotel socialization occurs most effectively where people can relax, dance, lounge, a bit alco, much fun, cool events.

If we combine all fun and relax activities into one multi-functional space, we can be confident that people will connect and socialize!

If we make the most attractive place, it will attract guests and local too!

It is my personal opinion :) Let's make our ideas more real :)

New York is the hub of the handmade movement; Etsy has its headquarters there, with their own craft labs in Brooklyn. There are craft labs worldwide, more magazines are published dealing with knitting and sewing every day, and even mainstream fashion labels are following that partocular look and feel.

Whole neighborhoods are concentrating on that handmade meets hipster vibe - for example the Schanze in Hamburg.

The more we are surrounded by China-made plastic crap, the more we LONG for a more individualized product, be it a hotel or a hand-knit scarf. This is an accepted trend, something that not just Seth Godin or Faye Popcorn have speculated on. What, you think the fabled "business person" is different from the rest of society?

This hotel is supposed to be DIFFERENT. Restaurant/ Cafe/ Bar/ Club... that's not different. Futuristic architecture - that's not different.

More than anything, this hotel is meant to bring together people with different backgrounds. Even if you manage to design the hippest club ever - that will only bring the hip cowd to the hotel. And even there, you don't actually socialize - you never connect with strangers. You go there with your group of friends, and stay within the safe cushion of your social circle...

I am plain mad that you think the few concepts that actually do try to be different are "unreal".

I know the futuristic designs that have perfect renders will win the community prices, even though they are mostly far removed from the actual challenge in the briefing.

This is New York we are talking about. Grand architecture and hip clubs and longes can be found at every street corner.

The client asked for different. And the only thing that keeps me from screaming is that the client seems to realize that different does not mean futuristic architecture, based on the nice comment I got on my entry. It won't help me with the community price... but it helps to keep me sane, knowing that the real challenge is in bringing people from different backgrounds together, not adding another "architectural masterpiece" to the already saturated streets of New York.

P.S. And "thanks" for picking on my entry....

Dear Busins,

I don't think it's professional to pick on one submissions under the briefing. Why not get into a constructive conversation under the idea?

It's fine that you have a different approach. But as you can see some of the jury members and community members seem to have a different opinion, so stating that it's "unreal" is a bit unfair.

cheers, Jeroen

it wasn't about CrossThe Lime idea - it was about more ideas,also about my idea - almost all ideas (also my idea) are unreal (imo). If we think about real life, will we personally (each of us) use that what we offer here? Or we only try to get better jovoto ratings, and that is why we offer utopias? If each of us imagine that he is that hotel owner, what will be the ideas for our own hotels?

I'm not going in to detail here why I think think some ideas work and are feasible, and others are not. I gave my personal opinion under most of the ideas. Now let's get back to work :)

Is it me or do most projects here have bars/cafes/office theme? Or no concept at all, just a space. I thought it would be great to see really different concepts coming in but so far it's just a concept of bar/cafe/nightclub/office/etc.

Anna, i couldn't agree more.There are just a few who tried to see beyond bar/cafe/office/workshop theme. And i also expected to see different concepts.

I don't mind having a cafe (I integrated one myself), since it is a fine line to create something that can actually be implemented... I just wish more people were actually thinking about connecting people, and not just making pretty spaces and hoping for the best.

I love that there are some entries, though, that go all wild and take a different path! :)

Hello! Maybe the confusing part is the feasibility of the concept to be submitted. Where it can be built or constructed. Most of us focus on usual public spaces that the Hotel already have and maybe the reason is Program of Hotel today still focus on Hostelry and less with social spaces (because of Hotel Economy). But it was great because the competition considers irreverent ideas in a way or somehow can be built and new Hotel Personality will be born. (",)

P.S. this community was great. .It stimulate the mind to explore a new world (ideas)

BTW - is there any chance for a half-time feedback?

Great! Well, it will be more of a last-trimester-feedback in any case. :)

hi is this a architecture competition will the winners will be awarded ?

Hey vinayanam.

This is not solely an architecture competition, it also includes some conceptual work. (see briefing above)

On top of this page you'll see how the prizes are distributed :)

In case you have any more questions, just drop me a Private Message!

Cheers, Jeren

can you please give the cad plan ,and the site location,,and what are the sizes of the room required

what size of the hotel is required

Hey vinayanam,

Please check the briefing above :)

"The proposed social space can be located anywhere in the hotel, and it’s only one aspect of the challenge — naturally, the way in which it connects to the rest of the hotel experience is up to you. Your entry should not use a pre-existing hotel space, but the location is limited to downtown New York City, south of 23rd street. This means an urban setting, with street frontage, and a hotel surrounded by buildings of a roughly similar size."






i'm in, but can we put it on an island in the Caribbean?

I love that so many late entries are still pouring in. :)

But how is repetitiveness handled? I see artist-in-residence, park space, app, craft/ art labs... and those all look familiar. Some entries just seem to combine the best from previous designers...

I agree. Anything from the project guide on that?

This really depends on the submission. If one person says "I would place a cafe in my hotel" this doesn't mean that nobody is able to suggest a cafe. What should happen though is that each submission should have unique points. Some submissions lack details, so it's hard to judge if they are similar to other ones. In case they are obviously too similar and the idea author doesn't have time anymore to update and differentiate his/her idea I could take them out.

But even it is a visual unique take, I think it is poor form to just take the best from previous entries and mix your own.

We have artist-in-residency popping up, handmade shops, urban gardening, parks, craft & art labs... sometimes in one and the same entry.

Maybe I am alone, but I find this exasperating... and feel crappy to have entered to early.

i think that the food-hotels have the highest frequency...not saying it won`t work but people should have to go trough previous submissions before uploading.

Guys, my project was the second sent to this contest. Now every second draft of the garden or the park :))) But I'm frankly glad that so many people think like me.:)))

Well, speaking on the food ones since my entry relates to that: when i entered i did notice another idea using "food" but it's the same as a cafe (or spa, residency, arts, exhibition), it is a very general thing, and what matters is the approach, like noted above @jvanboxtel. Now i don't mean to be defensive ( i completely understand your comment) but you'll find similar aspects/features in most entries, including @mailtolast's, but this doesn't mean it's copied or plagiarized (or done on purpose), it just means "great minds think alike" :D

It's kind of difficult to go through all entries before submitting... and the advantage to submitting earlier is getting more votes @crossthelime! But maybe something could be done by closing projects to the public until voting time, since that's sort of supposed to be the point of the voting period. (If anything, people should not be able to go through previous submissions, but even if this were the case you would still end up with various similar ideas!)

There are some obvious concepts relating to hotels... restaurant, cafe, art galleries (since this in NY). But other concepts are definitely not forgone conclusions, and those are the ones I notice... Like the artist-in-residence thing? How come this suddenly shows up in other entries? The same for the urban gardening pitch, or my handmade angle... those aren't logocial conclusions that belong in every hotel.

I just wish people would try to come up with their own creative pitch instead of going through the Top 20 or whatever and mixing those... would make for a more interesting contest (and keep my blood pressure lower as well.)

haha i see your point! This is definitely true but look on the bright side: your project is more concrete and more effective than those that mix your idea around...

haha, @CrossTheLime, i still think that your "join" idea is quite unique in the se of parks and others, so your blood pressure should be down :) relax, and enjoy :)

@Diego I`m not saying that the food idea is not good. And by "food" i mean connecting people by the use of different taste experiences, i just mean that there are a few already and iI guess none wants to have identical submissions. You can allways give this "food thing" a twist, but since a lot of submissions have arrived just this week, it might be too late for some. I obviously do not mean your submission exactly, just the whole concept.

Ummm? CrossTheLime? Regarding your statement 'We have artist-in-residency popping up' i'd like to inform that was one of the first ideas up there.

Yes, I know... which is why I find it so irritating that this idea is now incorporated into other, later entries... Not as a stand-alone entry, but just part of some big mash-up of other ideas and concepts.

oh, i haven't checked the others yet, but as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery:):)

In fact, most ideas are somewhat similar and they should be since we're all looking to offer the same service and have the same goal of "human interaction" - this just means that we're on the right path and we'll find the most effective one in the end. I do understand some people's exasperation as some entries just seem to merge the best of the best but i think that' a fault of the individual entry since it wont be as unique or coherent by mixing different aspects (in my opinion). It's one thing to blatantly take an idea and tweak it and it's another to play with a common theme. Anyways, an idea is a dime a dozen, what matters is execution :) Good luck to all!

Also: having an "idea owner" gives off the wrong idea (yes, pun intended, yes horrible joke, thank you very much) since who really owns an idea? Maybe "project owner"...

yup, that "idea owner" thing is something to be discussed. I for one dont think that you have to focus on only one feature and try and push on it...and thats why we have a multi function building in the submission. But that is just my opinion and I might be wrong...but yes, i think its difficult to keep your idea "unique" as long as people can come and take bits of it and re-mix it. I guess its great for the client, but not-so-good for us... Ah well, good luck and may the best RE-mix win :)

Wow how many great new ideas upploaded today!! and so many of them in top 20 at once! It is great !!! Very talented guys :)

Members "magnificent 20" never change, they win constantly)))))))))) "Very talented" guys)))))))))))))))) This phenomenon it is necessary to call "jovotizm")))))))))))

I would say that this sense of family :))) But there is a Jury Prize, which is much more important for professional growth.

Induit, you say : Members "magnificent 20" never change - but in last days I feel that rating of my idea killed all the time. And it is only why I was among the top20!!!. If You have great comments as my idea have, all people think that you have top rating and start to kill and bash You. Now I almost lost any chanses because of it.

Can be to community your work isn't pleasant?

We submitted our idea almost two weeks ago and still haven’t received feedback from the idea manager(s). We are aware we are not the only ones who are being somehow disregarded; and we consider our work and the work of others, but still it feels frustrating, and messy. This kind of accidents may work in favor of those looking for that big idea, but may go against that sense of community that , I think, keeps Jovoto happening. We believe that the sense of community requires acknowledgement, and this should never be put aside.

Hey Electra. By idea managers I assume you are talking about me, right? ;) I tried to give constructive feedback as much as possible, all across the contest. By now most of my focus is on monitoring to ensure things run well towars the end. With so many developed ideas I didn't manage to comment each and every one. I see you have over 30 comment on your idea and some of the comments are definitely very constructive, that's quite some acknowledgement from the community in my opinion.

ough, my bad, wanted to comment somewhere else. ignore me please :)

btw. to bash help the idea to be better *-)

for example :

here my very special "thank you" to everyone, who helped me from 17th place on the 25th.*-)) I'm very happy about this, for real ...

... cause - it's part of the concept - that not everyone need to like my idea ! And now I have the proof , which is a very good sign, that it have all the potential, to be a nice "talk of the town" --- which means; maximum of communacation.

I'm realy overwhelmed by your help

You it is a pity to me, you believe in honest fight. Look at winners, they don't change. If they participate in competition that will surely win. Not important that their works aren't so good, they will be in winners. The system of estimates allows to manipulate voices. Why left Top20? That it was convenient to kill competitors. You it is a pity to me, but at you isn't present the slightest chance, you can hope only for a jury prize, it is more on anything. Good luck KleinerIdeenautomat!

i know .. and there is only one help - alcohol !!! Cheers *-)))

Wait and see, I guess - I think Jeroen has his work out for him, since I have never seen so many fake votes and bashing going on. My blood pressure ain't doing good, and I can't even revert to alcohol! Dang. :)

But, I have been told that this is to be expected in public contests. I trust/ hope that Jeroen will catch the cheaters...

@cross the lime: I hope so too.

@kleinerideeenautomat I hope you realized that the difference from place 17 to place 25 is 0.10 points. This definitely doesn't instantly mean that your idea got "bashed". But I will look into it!

@induit You seem to have a very strong opinion on a topic that this "account" has no experience with. You did not submit any ideas on this platform?

@crossthelime I'm fully on this. I'm trying to do as much as possible before the contest ends, after the contest ended there will be a massive monitoring from all the votes.

Cheers, Jeroen

Jvanboxtel what sense to me to represent own ideas if at you is on a site of one hundred counterfeit accounts which gave the voices for "leaders", and you don't try to make something at all. Look how many participants left a site, but you change nothing! No, I won't give the ideas to you, thanks

Oh, this thing is almost over. Who will win? Most likely not me, but I was motivated to create some material for my marketing effort. All you folks upset about the voting and "cheating"...just wait until you get out there in the real world. In this business, you need talent, but you also need friends. It ain't cheating if the system allows it. If you can get a zillion people to back your project, you are on the way to starting a great practice. Is it fair? Hell no, but it is reality. Oh, but your really talented...well so are we all. Complaining will get you nothing. Learning to play the game is how you win. With that said, best of luck to you all!

by "learning how to play the game" you meant "finding a way to cheat the system"?

In many ways I agree with you. When I first came to Jovoto, I wrote the same thing. But I won the first, then the other competition. I was surprised because until recently, did not believe that this is possible with this system of ratings and family relations. It is possible. But what does it do? Money? I earn much more. For me the important new experience, it is important to develop. I am 37 years old. I have extensive experience in construction and architecture, and about 70 projects. And I want to learn from people Jovoto new, because they are young, free and able to think out of the box. You can get out of here and hide from the world of your ideas, and you can rise above the ratings and assessments, and to enjoy their own work. Sorry my bad english! And good luck!!!

For one thing, cheating is not allowed. And sorry to say, I am 37 and have been in business for a long, long time... what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

About the price of rice, I did not understand :))))) But I'm glad that there are some of my same age, and like-minded people who are interested in something other than work :))))

And i like you Design with a twist :))) Many interesting works!

I was referring to the implied criticism that we are all inexperienced newbies. :) ".just wait until you get out there in the real world. " - even the real world works perfectly fine if you stick to ethics and refuse to cheat, fake, beg, or buy.

Then again, jovoto is not where I am earning my keep... this is for fun. And cheaters take the fun out of it.

And isn't 37 a great age? :))

woooooaaaahhh; you have truly figured out the code to crack the system :

yeap , it realy works ;-) just type in your wall of entry: "the price of rice is 37" and you get 37 new stars, for real - wow !!

i tried it again wir 100 , but this doesn't work :-)) 37 is the code *-D

The answer to life, the universe, and everything: 37. :)

I also see especially coming off as friends from Facebook and make a favorite idea, and all the other hate. This is stupid and ridiculous. Their voices will still not be considered. I believe you need to remove the top 20, because I see all the top 20 vote only. :(

Just a lot of people at 37 do not really want to grow and learn. I can see it on many of my friends :))))

@ Elina i see your sorrow, but how can you see that all top 20s are voting-fakes? This voting system is not linear - i'm sure - all your votes for others is also needed to climp up. So if you give stars for everyone on jovoto, you will find yourself at the top 20 :-) that is the whole easy trick!
but pssst !

But on the other hand forget the pssst, most people, at 37 don't want to learn and believe this, they even can't read it ;-) for the rest of their life:-)

I'm not saying that all of the top 20 is a fake, read carefully. I'm talking about what I see in all the contests all go and vote only for the top 20. To remedy this situation need to remove the filter top 20.

I'm sorry about the message for skorbich. Sincerity is not needed here, it is just an excuse to ridicule.

btw. to be in top 20 is useless, the fun starts in the Top 8 *-))

Are you interested in only the top 8? Then I made ??a mistake by writing 37. I'm 16 and I'm an idealist. For me the important things are different and I still believe that money is not the most important thing in this life.

no not in this life, but in this contest, and for paying the rent :-))

I seemed to have touched a nerve for some of you. I got a private message from a Jovoto devote who was upset that I was promoting cheating. I am not promoting cheating.
I don't really understand how the rating, voting, or karma works, but I am learning. This is a very interesting thing they have going here. It has been fun watching the entries come in and reading the comments. I am amazed at the amount of work here and I wish I had more time to spend on my entries.
Sorry if I have come off as callus or negative, that was not my intent. Know the rules and do the right thing. Cheers

I'm a little confused....the top 20 rated projects are full of hotels on piers, or clinging to the side of bridges. Each lovely ideas, - but the brief was "a hotel surrounded by buildings of roughly the same size..." so surely these are not answering the brief in any way?!

being in the top 20 is strongly connected to the fact that most of these ideas have been in the competition for a longer time. Also, it does help if you comment on other peoples projects and then get their vote and support... and yes, you are right about the brief part, but since you do have a submission that fits it, you shouldnt worry. the main prize is the jury one and i wish you good luck with that!

That makes sense! It's our first entry on Jovoto so we're still understanding the process... Your entry is fantastic - we've already rated it!! Good luck!

I really like your idea as well and it does indeed meet the brief perfectly. I`m new here as well, so maybe the "support" area of jovoto will be more useful to you than my limited knowledge on the subject:) good luck and thank you for the nice words!

I gave up trying to understand how winners/ good ratings relate to the actual brief. I think it should be mandatory to actually read the brief before being allowed to vote, but... that ain't happening, so we just gotta live with it. :)

Even the obligatory reading of the brief does not guarantee that everyone will vote keeping in mind the brief.

I've always believed that the only people voting should be those who have entered the contest. Period. If you have entered, you have read the brief.

If you have not submitted an entry, you should not be allowed to vote and comment. It's strict yes, but would eliminate a lot of the monkey business.

@ AnnaNuthaThang I'm not sure, the monkey business is in it self. If you don't give the chance to have feedback from outside, it's a club. Like swimming in the own soup . And everything is really / more neutral then ?

I think the truth is somewhere else - a 100% paradise for any kind of contest is impossible. It's like playing roulette, lot of random risk of life.

Of course, we don't work day and night in hope for luck, we wanted to be voted for our quality of work.

But to fall down from 1th to 10th is just 0.10 points - i've learned today - is not a result of cheating, It's a result of luck - But the fall down of 10 places feels just realy bad, so that's why we wish it's all a big monkey business. *-/

and becasue all of this and that , it's probably a very good reason to wish "good luck" to each other :-)

so now: Very good luck !! *-D

ok fine. Non participants can comment, but not vote. :D

I also agree with Holly, but allowing to vote not just the ones taking part in the contest but also the ones that have submited a certain amount of ideas to jovoto, that will probe that they have real interest in being part of the platform. And I also will remove top 20 tab and start with the top 50 one, I think like Elina that there are people that just watch and rate top 20 ideas.

Yeah, I think having the top 20 is bad, because you assume that it's where the best projects are. Overall, I find that the voting would be best improved if you could factor in constructive criticism - ie. if the owner of the idea would find your criticism fair, your rating would stick, and the voting would not be revealed until the competition was over. Of course this brings other problems etc... The main frustration is when I know that somebody has given me/us a low mark and they've said something generic like "great stuff!" It's really the most frustrating thing, because it also means that they've not taken the time usually to really go through the idea.

just one little question: who is holly? and what is he saying that we hate to follow? or do you mean holly the plant?

Holly – AnnaNuthaThang :)

I also think that the top 20 is bad, and the voting should not be disclosed until the competition was over. Since in any case this may affect the assessment of the works.

@ Olena
Thank you *-D

@ all
yes the top 20 is bad or whatever. I was in so much and so many different contests ( real life agency contest, or any other creative contests, the last 2 years iI created every month in another remix -contest) to found btw. lot of different oulutions. But so far I never found a paradise ;-)) with top 20 or not, the discussion is all the same, and always about fairness, respect and the most wish to be seen from everybody.

The easiest Contest-procedure i know and without such a discussion is to send your work via mail to something and wait - if you get an e-mail back you won.

Of course this is not a solution it's a pain, too. But it shows very easy what a contest is : Luck - nothing but luck.

But at jovoto we have the feel we can manipulate the luck, and i guess this is the most trouble. Because we can and try to manipulate in different ways. If we write at some others wall, we do it. And even my writing at this place can manipulate you, to have a look at my work, to give me good or bad vote for my thinking, or whatever :-))
That's why we give so much time and effort for this contest at all. Maybe more, than we used for the exponate we've uploaded *-))

But most of us will see afterwards, we wasted only time, because anything is just a matter of luck. For sure a good reason to discuss your pain away. yes, me too! *-D

blah blha blah blah

But why don't we win together, be friends and mates for forhter proejects, which may can help us to earn real money in real life. I guess this is the best you can get from jovoto - so why don't we take it and waste some time to think about cooperation for next projects?

I think than we win much more than just a price. *-)))

please think about that and let's have good Luck

I agree very much with the last comment. How can we all be judged fairly if we are not all playing by the same rules? 5 Renderings, Lower Manhattan location, explanation of how the hotel fosters a diverse customer base that socially interacts, current and realistic construction methods. I feel like those entries that do not fit the criteria of the briefing should automatically be eliminated. In design school and when responding to RFP's and submitting for competitions in "the real world", this is how it works: meet the criteria or face elimination.

I have to say this will be my last jovoto project because I really feel it was a waste of time and the rating system has little to do with the quality of the idea submitted. Maybe if the prizes were distributed where there was one prize for most popular and many for those ranked by the jury, I would feel differently.

waste of time is the right and magic word ;-))

Apparently, that has been discussed before. And so far, Jovoto did not want to force people to stick to the brief...

Then again, that might change, since I don't think clients will be all that happy the more the entries sway off brief. Maybe the off-brief entries also trigger some idea, though? I honestly don't know...

I couldn't agree more! It is a bit unfair that many in the top 20 didn't have the minimum requirements and still managed to get top rankings. It's just a shame that by using this methodology a lot of actual true talent goes unnoticed.

I hope jovoto one day does automatically eliminates entries that don't follow the minimum requirements in the briefing. But all in all great job to all!!!! :)

---> “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” (Pablo Picasso)

ok, and what do you think about that : participants and Non participants can comment, but not vote. :D it's may a better motiviation to work hard on the brief Than for the community and the best , not the pain to have the need to beg for votings :-*D

but by now i have other chance, i need to ask you again : may have a look at my work, pleeeaaassseeee !!!!! *-))

yeah I just a 1 (one) which is hate from a user who has no ideas entered and only 157 karma. Interesting who they love. This is an old story.

weird thinking, so you accept no newby, But a newby on Jovoto doesn't mean an infant in real life. But this is something you fear some newby, who have may more experince like you ? it looks like, if you say : you hate comments from a user who has no ideas entered and only 157 karma.

But it is true.... If 80% of all newbies are actually "hired" to influence voting, the logical step is to not count those newbies right after signing up. The 20% that are serious will not mind that their votes will be counted in the next project, app. 2 weeks after signing up.

That's exactly what happens. Newbies have to have a certain amount of activity in order to "activate" their votes.

But - those points can be collected within minutes. In an ideal world, a 2-week hiatus would completely get rid of the need to police all the last-minute fake votes.

12Designer does that for naming, by the way, for different reasons. When you sign up, you cannot participate in naming contests that are already running. Why not? Those were the ones where most clients were trying to get around the prize guarantee by planting a winner in there.

at 12Designer the only one who decide for a prize is the client himself .

Thinking more about the process... If I were Tablet, designing this contest, I think I would do it this way:

-Let the jovoto community choose 1-3 winners based on ratings -THEN have the jury select their top ten projects (all that meet the briefing's requirements) to put on the TABLET site to be voted on by TABLET members. Not only would their member base grow as people interested in the competition signed up with them, but the winner(s) would also reflect the Tablet aesthetic a little better.

As a follower and user of Tablet, I would say that very VERY few of these projects would fit on Tablet.

i don't understand, what this is changing anything into something better. to choose 1-3 winners is generate more war for voting-winning-cash. the key is cash - that's why people bash, cheat or what ever.....

It seems there would have to be some prize(s) awarded via jovoto since they used their platform, but the main selections would be shifted to the jury and Tablet users.

this can work much better - but i guess, this can't be the goal for jovoto. Just because it's very trendy (facebook like) to use a community for showing the Inteligence of the Swarm ;-)) So it's for the clinet also kind of testing. Normally tests cost extra money, more than you can earn at maximum for your work , the trouble and the waste of time ;-D

iso don' worry, if you leave jovoto another slave will take place in the swarm, with or with out inteligence *-/

P.S. I hated the Facebook voting at the end of Victorinox, by the way. Always so tempted to just buy the vote... so easy, so simple, so cheap. But I am trying to keep my karma clean... :)

yes, cheap is the word!! But you know the deal, the mass like Dieter Bohlen. Nothing we have created since years is good for humans or culture, it's all for just selling quick and dirty unseless things. you don't have the newest IPhone? ok, so don't wonder if people don't trust your words experiences anymore. Of course this is paltry at all , but it is the reality. Btw. reality, watch more televion to dumb down, be part of the mass and like facebook. This is what the future wants from you. not "I Hate" The word is "I LIKE" *-DDDD Good Luck

(sigh) competition will end soon. But I was caught with the conversations about the rating, top 20 and benefit of the site (community). To anyone would be reading this please don’t be offended just my opinion. Rating – at first I admit a was frustrated about the rating or voting because of things running in mind like 1. If you’re new in the community, old members or popular members will dominate the rating 2. I still have believed in the system, but outside the site you can see somebody inviting other people to rate their work and it really sink in your mind that only popular wins and in a way I think creativity of ideas are compromised. Top 20 – it’s great to have this, to monitor who’s doing great but in a way it influences the raters. On these conversation well I don’t know, I can feel some frustrations too. Maybe 40% or 60% will agree or disagree on my next text. Hehe but any way In my opinion these are part of the competition, a rifle effect of every situation. When I enter jovoto, I said to myself even if I’ll not win there is still a benefit. Of course winning the prize money is even exciting haha. But just let me share something maybe could lighten things up or could make someone react. For the recent month of may, I could see some changes on my work, I was surprise because I’m not good in rendering but today I can even upload my render works confidently, and if I do some of my project, it took long time to accomplish it but because of the psychological pressure on the competition I increase my speed on doing some of my projects. Overall, these priceless experiences (if ever I’ll win, experience with prize, just kidding aside) anybody didn’t give me training in one month but jovoto does a personal benefit that I appreciate. Don’t get disappointed, everyone is a winner. It’s a good thing we let out mind speak on these concerns. We already lay it on the table so let’s hope for the best, if there is an improvement on the system, if there is any, well it’s good. But best of luck and congrats to all entries. Great, cool, astonishing idea(“,) Violent reactions are not accepted. haha

I agree with you jerico and the comments in the above conversation. Am very curious to see how this turns out since this is my first experience with jovoto. Have definitely seen different forms of cheating and mean comments but am still confident in the jovoto team and system.

Like you said I think that even though you don't win you definitely learn something out of this experience and process!!!! I have seen the progression of many beautiful projects.

Best of luck to everyone :)

Well said Jerico!!! It really is the experience for those who want learn. Kathleen is actually many times I've seen newbies who have won prizes community here and won the prize of the jury. Yes, there's a lot of deception, at first I was upset, but now I find it funny. I'm glad to meet like-minded for which there is something more important than cash!!!

Elina. I'm glad you changed your tune. I remember a time when we 'argued' about winning not to be a big deal and you said it means a lot to you.

I never claimed that a victory for me the main thing. I wrote it "I do not focus on victory. But like any man, of course I want to win, I like my idea. I do not like injustice. I think it's important for me - I want to be an honest assessment for my work. Let this be a negative assessment, let there be a discussion, I'm ready to learn and accept. But it is not. No one who considers my idea - garbage is not written to me WHY? In fact of the matter that I want to do now, just creativity and only .... What I feel now - it's more disappointing in Jovoto in its policies and operating principles. I envy you that you can be calm and accept it. I can not ... Thank you Kijedi for you words - for me it is important.". And I must say thank you for the conversation and the other members of the forum who wrote to me. I finally helped the conversation to understand what is important to me. :)))

I normally would not comment about rating on the brief section but I just have to. About the top 20 fears that they are the ones who are dominating the contest, that is not true. If you have been following the other contests that have been using this rating system, most of the top 20 do not win the community prizes. Some of those with the most comments also do not win. Everyone should just wait for the results before jumping to conclusions.

Wow - I think I hit a nerve here with my post - great comments guys. I think we could all make some really useful suggestions to Jovoto's archaic system!

Well, with just 7 hours to go I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck - may a great idea (that answers the brief!) win!

LoL! Don't give yourself too much credit. we've been there, done that. You are just dragging skeletons out of the closet.

Haha ok - apologies Kijedi! This is our first entry on Jovoto so we don't know the history. Hopefully they'll make some changes to the process soon....

Finally got around to reviewing these ideas, and i must say, without citing specific examples, that the unspoken jovoto rule of not repurposing existing ideas has gone to pot in this contest.

Hahaha! I'm going to wear my preserved integrity like a sash - with pride and a tear in my eye ;)

regarding comments about rating system.

stumbled upon this crowdsource design site recently and i like their voting system a lot better.

main points:

  1. get rid of peer rating and have the client/jury do the rating
  2. much more interaction with the client/jury during the process

or even better, keep peer rating, but just as a guide to help you along, i.e. doesn't count toward prizes. would promote much more honest peer ratings i think by focusing on the concept and not the politics surrounding it.

I Agree(",) tobiasvon

I think this would lead to more objective and useful constructive criticisms and less sugarcoated commenting. I know i repress my inner simon cowell (unless i absolutely can't) 'cause it'll obviously offend the idea owner and eventually bite me back, but a little tough love is often helpful.

Instead of revamping the whole system, one step in the right direction would be allow members to switch into anonymous commenting mode if they want so they can speak truthfully about an idea knowing that it won't lead to tit for tat.

Really good rules of 99 :))) I agree. I often see people in Jovoto write - "big idea" "I love the idea" and put 2 stars :)))) It's funny:)))

Yes, I think taht jovoto has to review the rating system! Soon! I've partecipated in some contest in these years and I've always seen most of all the same people on top :-( Maybe find out a system that if you haven't followed the brief's rules you're out of the contest.

I'm just saying a lot of people, including myself, are wasting a lot of time on ideas that suck, 'cause nobody dares to say "your idea sucks. forget it. move on." A culture of candor over a culture of fear will lead to better ideas, more satisfied clients and happier members imho.

that last sentence sounds like my future tattoo :)

i'm pretty sure your mind controlling animation programmed me to write that. can u make me one that programs everyone into giving me 10's?

Coming from a pretty successful 99D user - it ain't all that. :)

First of all, the approach is different. You are pitching, but unless we are talking web design, it's a quick pitch. 99D is not suitable for elaborate projects... it's a quick fix. I mainly do logos there, and the first pitch would never ever take more than 30 minutes.

In theory, the client feedback is awesome. If the client gives feedback. Many do, but then again, those are usually small start-ups, who are willing to spend some time on their project, especially since it is only for a couple of days. First phase is usually 3-4 days, then only selected designers work on it some more for another 3-4 days.

With Tablet, do you really think the busy jury would have found the time for that? I was lucky to receive some feedback, but we didn't even get a halftime recap for the project, something I sorely missed.

At 99D, things get ugly when it is a project with a high prize money. 8000 entries for a $1000 logo are normal... and impossible to handle for both the client or the designers.

I am not too sold on the community rating. I always love Anna/ Holly's comments, since she is the only one who is completely honest. I try, but even I sugar-coat some remarks. Well, not all of them, but still. Often, I just say nothing,

But for this project, how helpful would it be to have only jury prices, when the jury - understandably - didn't have the time to actually work the project for weeks on end? You'd still be playing a guessing game.

I have no solution... just more questions. :)

thnx for sharing. I'm not advocating 99. jovoto projects are much more interesting, but makes sense to scour the web to see what works and what doesn't. a perfect solution may not exist.

Congratulation, we are all winners in this contest !! yes we are *-D

Just if we are making friends and mates each other for further proejects, which may can help us to earn real money in real life. I guess this is the best you can get from jovoto - so why don't we take it and waste time to think about cooperation for next projects? And not to waste time to discuss how to be lucky in contests.

I'm sure we win much more than just a price. if we use the contacts we have all around us *-)))

please think about that and let's have good Luck

Everyone did such great work! So many beautiful and different ideas :)


When will the jury voting and overall rating be made known? I thought it was on July 6th, but it still shows as 'monitoring in progress'? Anyone have got an idea?

the community rating period ended on June 6th. the „monitoring in progress” period can last for one week or more... depending on how many votes and ideas and so on they have to check. the jury voting.. nobody knows...

Closed for rating, monitoring in process. Ranks may not reflect final result! What does this mean? and when will this crazy contest be over? Cheers

Dear all,

Closed for rating, monitoring in progress means that all ratings placed in this project are monitored right now. We will filter out fake users, bashers etc. etc. I should be finished with this halfway/end of this week. Once this is done the ranks will be re-calculated and the community winners will be announced. Closely after that the jury will pick their favorites and announce the jury winners.

Cheers, Jeroen

Thanks for this work Jeroen. I think there is a lot to do for you.

Cheers, Mika

Hey! sorry this is my first time using jovoto, Just for my own verification the winners of 1-8th placed are selected by the community rating/ rankings correct? also when will the sold idea be announced?

Yup, places 1-8 are determined by community ratings. Whether or not any idea is actually sold is not guaranteed. There are projects where that is only known months or even years after the project finishes.

@crossthelime Yeah really. Years after? Please enlighten me.

@Izzu Yes. you are right 1-8 is community rating. Besides this the jury awards will also be announced in the next weeks. Apart from all of this there's the sold idea aspect. Tablet doesn't own the right to any of the ideas so far, if they wan't to use one of the ideas they have to buy it for the license fee mentioned above.

I could have sworn I saw congratulations pouring in for a project that was older than a year... don't recall which one. But 6 months isn't unusual either, right?

Which is understandable - large corporations usually have to do loads of research and go through many hurdles to decide which entry is viable...

Good to know, thank you!

This was my first time with Jovoto and would like to share a number of curious things I noticed

There are maybe 7-8 members who post the exactly same comment to each and every submission regardless of the project and their comments and scores have no correlation

Some of the submissions are not authentic, some are by no means complete and yet they still seem to attract numerous comments and scores.

It also takes quite bit of time to upload images, for me it took at least 15 mins to go through one single submission (20pgs) when you have 100s of them how can you go through all and score people in an objective and fair manner?

That's what Jeroen is doing right now.... going through every single rating to delete all the bashers and fake votes. All will be well... (I hope.) :)

@crossthelime: You hit the point.

@cmtopbas: You can trust on jovoto. they do theyr job very well and try to keep everything as fair as possible.

You post at 6 am?! What are you, a vampire? :)

Jep, I am a restless vampire so I will work for blood. ;-)))

or a hard working man. ;-)

Apparently, you are definitely a way more patient person than me! I catch myself checking the briefing every day. :)

We shall see!, My precious:)

Hmmm, now it's the end of the week! So thank god it's friday. :-)))

I'm sorry for the delay. We are waiting for the jury decision. As soon as we have those everything will be announced at once!

Thanks for the Info, that's okay. :-)))

See, we can now actually enjoy our weekend, and not stress about Tablet anymore. :) I am very curious, though, since this feels like my 2nd or 3rd project where I spent significant time...

Are there any news about this contest? ;-)

I think there is a lot to monitor this time.

The monitoring is done, but the client wants to announce community rating together with the jury decision - and that one is still out. :)

Ah, thanks for this info CrossTheLime. Do you know, is there any temporal horizon? :)

I'm realy interested in the final results.

Not a clue - only the gods, the jury, and Jeroen know, I guess. :) But considering it is another Friday, I wouldn't count on anything this week...

Yes. Monitoring is done. But as Crossthelime wrote, we want to announce the jury winners and community winners at the same time. It shouldnt take that long anymore :)

Luckily, patience is a vampire's most pronounced virtue.... right, Mika? :D

Vampires also called the restless undead. muhahaha. ;-)

Yeah, but then time means nothing to you, since you live forever. :) Still waiting for your "Will work for blood" entry, btw!

You mean the agency contest. ;-)

Well, that would have been my suggestion. Ooh, let's collaborate? :) I actually have a pretty cool bat cartoon in my archive... though that should eventually be sold as a logo/ mascot.

Well, when did when? :)))

Sorry for the delay. The Jury is currently making a decision which ideas are their favorites. It shouldn't take long anymore!

I think the Jury got a lot to do. I think it's realy trick to find the best soloution in this project because there are lots of them. :-))))

Yes, this is a very difficult task for the jury. But since I want to know ... it is not possible... to wait :))))

Hope we get a detailed final feedback like the halftime feedback. :-) (This would be also nice in every contest)

Agree... general contest feedback (no matter if half-time or final) is always appreciated.

Wonder if you could start taking bets whether or not the decision will be made this week? :)

Heads up community,

I can finally give a set date. Next Tuesday, July 3rd, the community winners and the jury winners will be announced!

Looking forward!

Cheers, Jeroen

Thats great, thanks Jeroen! :-)

Awesome! Will be glued to my computer that day, then. :)

hopefull I die the day before ..

KleinerIdeenautomat - you so funny :))

oh wow :D.. let the countdown begin :D !!

@Jvanboxtel Will we get a general feedback from the jury on Tuesday?

Hi Jeroen, I think a lot of people who submitted their ideas would be REALLY grateful if you or anyone else from the ''board'' could give feedback on every submission. I know it's probably quite a bit of work, but since you would need to look at every single one of the ideas anyway, it's probably only 1 - 2 minutes extra work per submission? It would make a lot of people happy to get constructive feedback from a pro in the business! :-) Many thanks.

It agrees with mercacet

Ohhh Happy day. ;o)

hi, is there a certain time for the announcements?like the end of the day?

He didn't say which time zone... :)

what is the exact time of announcing the winners ?

For those who are unaware, "F5" key on your keyboard, refreshe/reloads the window in your browser! :]

We are pathetic. :) (and bored at work.)

@zaarch I did it for Parador. Just observing this time luckilly. Good luck! :)

Fix the F5 Key on your board with a pencil and you always be up to date.


@Lime And borderline opssesive! :)

Blogpost will go online around 6pm berlin time.

jovoto why you so addictive? :P

Congratulations to all community winners! Check out the who won the jury prize here;

Wow! Thank you! Amazing news!

Congrats to the winners - great ideas................. ;-)

Congratulations everyone!!!! :)

Congratulations the winners

Congrats to all the winners : )

I'm really happy for all winners!!!!!

But who can explain me the 10-minutes-before-deadline-trick? (why to fall down in any contest, 10 minutes before closing about 20 Places (in the garden contest even 120) - does it mean 20 / 120 People comes into every contest to hate down at the last 10 minutes ??

And now my question: Is it may helpful to change the name - 10 minutes before deadline? *-))

The only explanation I would have is that many people wait till the last minute to vote...I'm also wondering if its better to post a project at the beginning of the submission or near the end.... cause the rates might be influenced in different ways if you have 50 votes or 150 votes...

of course when you only have 50 votes every vote can make a major difference in your rate while with 150 votes...the votes have a small variation in your rank...

Congratulations to all winners! :) So... What next? Does this mean that no ideas were sold? Because I saw some lovely concepts out there (in my opinion). Or am I just the new girl who doesn't know how this works?

I'd like to know if it's all too, because if the jury did not buy any project, that means that we move away from what they were looking for and that is not good!!

Hey madugian,

This is not decided yet.

When will it be decided then? or better yet, how? why did I have to ask this?

When? We don't know. For some clients it takes days, others months. How? No idea, I don't work for Tablet.

what I mean by "how" is that they mentioned posting the winning project on their site, in the brief. Is that the sold idea? I know you dont work for tablet, but since I cant talk to them directly, I`m asking you.

Thanks Jeroen... I don't envy you your job right now. I agree with Juan Pedro, I was wondering if we had all missed the mark, but if it's not decided yet we shall wait.

I think part of the frustration people are feeling is due to the fact that apart from your updates on progress, there wasn't as much communication as one would have liked or had hoped for (like Mailtolast said, how winners were decided, the workings of the decision process). It is understandably a huge load of work to deal with and we do not know the inner workings of Jovoto, but it did leave one feeling rather antsy.

Would it be possible in future to give contestants a more structured timetable?

Hey guys,

I'll check on this. Will get back to you here as soon as I know the exact details.

Cheers, Jeroen.

I am really disappointed rating system. My project "heart of the district" was on the first place during the whole competition/ Only on the last week before the end it doped few times on the second place and finished on the first place. I am not cheating. I do not understand how is it possible to be fairly?

Who knows? An entry wins the jury prize that never once saw a jury comment during the project, and copied an existing entry... All is fair in love and jovoto? :)

But congrats n the 2nd place! That is still huge, right?


As you might have noticed not all jury members were commenting. But all jury members we're involved in the voting.

80% of the jury members were commenting... just not on the winning entry. And imho, the initial point of that entry being a little too close for comfort to existing entries was never addressed.

But like I said - all is fair in love and jovoto. :)

The problem is that I thought the whole competition was about redesigning hotels and thinking of a concept of what could work better, so I guess it's disappointing that what won was seemingly a concept that is pretty much like everything that's popping up in Brooklyn at the moment (I don't mean to knock the winner though - it was a really great presentation and a great entry). I guess any kind of jury prize is going to skew towards a more conservative entry, but it's a shame that something more bold and distinctive (like actually both of yours @zaarchitects and @crossthelime) didn't win. I think with any competition like this it's always going to be really fraught. I think a lot of people had the same experience as you last minute, I guess it sucks to fall from first on the last day.


As in with any competition you might agree or disagree with the jury decision. Whenever there is somebody's opinion involved there's room for discussion.

cheers, Jeroen.

P.S. It would be nice if you could check with Tablet about paying BUSINS ( some sort of stipend... since they are using HIS renders on their website, and he didn't make a dime in this contest. Right now, it is copyright infringement.

I think the link to this image are realy helpfull. ;-)

CrossTheLime could you show as what do you mean?

@crossthelime It's not. They are allowed to feature ideas in order to generate promo for the project.

Sorry, Jeroen is right. I think a presentation on other pages is a good comercial for jovoto and for sure for the designers, directors, etc. So why not, if the posted idea is well presented?

@MIKAR - Thats right - As long as the owner of an image/idea/design is named and given credit.

That is still mean in a way... And they aren't linking or crediting BUSINS. Reminds me of the Victorinox discussion, where they at least credited us in the end.

Jeroen, can you please delete all of my non-winning entries then? It's what I would do in any other contest site - withdraw as soon as the contest is over.

I prefer keeping full control of my content, and not find it plastered all over the internet. Especially since I am currently in legal battles with two companies, caused by a similar situation... I am just fed up with legal stuff.

It is very logical. The customer receives only that for what he paid, I with you CrossTheLime

I also thought about the problem with closed ideas. Everyone is abled to watch the full descriprions of public projects and use them for their own work. This is true. Sorry.

Guys you brave and cool ideas.!! Such architectures are moving forward. If the Tablet chooses the usual solution, this problem of Tablet. But what I have to say that the new rating system, did not bring anything new. Everything is just as bad as before.

In this competition I agree with a jury choice, it is really interesting work. But rating system not new as soon as work gets in top-20, it start to beat. It is a pity that opinion of participants of community cost nothing, if system of a rating not to change that community will lose many really talented members :(

Congrats! to all the winners..

Congratulations everyone!!!

Congratulations everyone!