Connecting Rooftop
Connecting Rooftop is a unique place, which will attract a lot of guests and the local guys.


Arriving in New York, people all day are about their business. People are committed, for which they came. They have neither the time nor the energy to plant flowers, sewing, crocheting, to organize free concerts, or go to the courses of handmade! This is unreal!

Imagine that you are a tourist and came to New York and all the day was on the excursions.You came late to the hotel - do you personally would want to plant flowers there or knit?

The only thing to which the guests will be the strength and desire - to relax.

Where you are personally socialized with locals? In what places or through what kind of activities can be easear to socialize with locals in hotel?


The hotel socialization occurs most effectively where people can relax,  dance, lounge, a bit alco, much fun, cool events.

If we combine all fun and relax activities into one multi-functional space,  we can be confident that people will connect and socialize!

If we make the most attractive place, it will attract guests and local too!


Creating a Mix-Zones for visitors and locals;
The maximal mixing of all possible types of relaxation;
The multi-functional space for the all socializing activities possible:
dancing, playing table hockey, beer festival, karaoke, etc.

There is everything for an unforgettable evening: 
Glass rooftop swimming pool, skyline bar, sky restaurant, dancing, cocktails, spa.

Connecting Rooftop is a space for socialization of locals and hotel guests and a great party.The roof itself has always a positive energy, plus - panoramic views of Manhattan.The roof will be made in the forms of digital morphogenesis, which will look really cool.Every day Connecting Rooftop features RoofFest - everyday festival and celebration. The concept is flexible - you can design iconic roof on a new building, or you can build concept on the existing one.

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