Park on the roof for communication local people and guest.




Green roofs have become very popular today. Practically each new building is constructed with a green roof.
Usually the area of roofs allows to make a small mini-garden for personal use. But if it's possible to combine a few roofs it could be a pretty large public park shared by owners. Park, which can develop. Thus, all co-owners of roofs may use the common park space. Tennis court, mini golf club, kids club, communal swimming pool, barbecue area, flower greenhouse, theater - that's not all functions for what could be used the roof area and make a profit to owners. Public park on the roof could be a new place of recreation in New York and a new type of parks in the large city.

For local.
Living, working and relax in the park for local. All of these is possible in this project of the public park on the roof.
You no longer have to go to the park to make a morning jog in the fresh air, or play tennis, or barbecue for friends. Just go up on the roof of your house and enjoy.
Stone streets are not suitable for walking with children. Just go up on the roof and your child will run on the grass.
Now you can even work in the park.
You can rent an office for a day and enjoy working outdoors.
For hotel guests.
When you select a hotel, green area on the roof will be an important factor of your choice. Jogging in the morning, play tennis or golf, watch the movie on the open air, swim at the pool. Simply go up by elevator.
All of these features will attract guests from around the world.
This hotel is in a park in the heart of New York - it's not a fantasy if this project will be implemented.
Nature is the most natural environment for human beings. Therefore, it helps to relieve stress and relaxation and is conducive to people communication.

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