new york expo


the amazing place where opportunities collide. it's the best place to sleep, in the city that never sleeps. 

imagine an entirely new category of hotel where out of town visitors can use their guest rooms for more than just resting. 

in the same space, they can promote themselves or their products in a fast paced showcase environment that never closes. this is the spirit of new york city, and we are creating a way to harness that boundless power.

NYX is structured to bring the world to you via new york city. the building architecture is designed to flow local pedestrian traffic past or even through your room/space. y

ou choose the amount of privacy you want, and that's adjustable at any time by utilising the special sliding doors and convertible furnishings. 

building visitors enter NYX at ground level and spiral through the hotel/expo in a path that shows them everything. they see half the suites on the way up and half the suites on the way down. although there is a single elevator as required by building code, it is more of a freight elevator and will not be the preferred way up or down. 

visitors won't mind climbing because the space they are walking through is full of wonder. 

although modern, it has a distinct old world charm reminiscent of craft guilds and village life. the route is counterclockwise to symbolise our walk back through time. you never know what you'll find because the occupancy is continually evolving. you may see: antique sellers, portrait painters, a new product lauch, maybe even castings for a film project. 

themes will develop at certain times of the year because major trade fairs are held at the main manhattan convention centers. during these times, tablet NYX becomes a subvenue since not everyone can afford to exhibit at the bigger events. and when the uptown convention center closes, the party continues downtown at NYX. 

now upstart companies and individuals can still have a presence and a prominent address where opportunity can find them. 

there are two types of guestrooms at NYX. the first type is half hidden under the staircases and is meant for guests seeking more of an office setting. the second type is at the top of the staircases, and all traffic will come through the space for maximum visibility and exposure. this is ideal as a gallery or storefront. 

both room types are the same physical size and have the same amenities. acommodations are minimalist with function in mind. beds fold out of the way and bathtubs convert into display tables. because the building never closes, you can set your own business hours. you can even lock up for the day to sight see or attend other important business events. 

unlike most hotels, the NYX guestrooms do not share common walls with neighbors, and the floor above and below are offset. this allows the occupants to make a reasonable amount of noise without disturbing others. 

NYX is a great place to hold meetings or intimate performances. gatherings can extend beyond the private rooms into shared space. this is encouraged because guests will mingle and exchange experiences and information. the shared area also functions as a community living room and hangout for locals. 

NYX is a place to meet interesting people and expand horizons. for extended lounging, there are automat style food vending machines and free wifi coverage. 

guests can book rooms up to a year ahead, and prepayment covers the cost of a custom website publicizing your upcoming stay. This is also a way to know ahead who your neighbors will be for strategic networking. Although the rooms are not meant for residency longer than a week, there is an automatic rate decrease each extra day you stay on. subject to space availability, any guest can extend their stay daily and possibly keep the same room. pre-reservations for a specific room are only available for a week period. this is to assure a natural evolution and self-correcting useful content of products and services on exposition. 

for the same reason, only one room/space may be booked by an individual. there is also a rating system by visiting patrons of each room. they get the opportunity to rate when they use their mobile device from within the storespace. 

they decide how entertaining/useful the exhibit was to them. if positive, then the exhibitor will receive bonus points toward their next stay. cost for a standardized 10ft x 20 ft room/space is set higher than a conventional hotel room of similar size. but when compared with a trade fair booth of the same size, our hotel makes very good economic sense. 

people and companies who never before could afford to promote themselves now have a means to do it, in the greatest city of all. if you can make it here. you'll make it anywhere.

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