Space ship hotel is landed on the public space. Are locals ready for encounters.


1 We need a popular public space where local people meet, where they pass by, and seat to watch passers-by in sun or in shade. It could be a community center, playground, skating park, square, a park which depends on the context where hotel takes place. There will be food, drink also.We find that place with high people frequency, or we make one. That place becomes our hotel theme.

2 In New York, we choose pocket parks, small natural oasis inside the urban desert. The other thing which responds to context is the way of transition between the street and our public space, which is in fact the lobby. In Manhattan it is trough the urban waterfall. There is a pedestrian PET tunnel running trough the wall of water. The sound of water is marking the entrance and is solution for the problem of the street noise.Than we land our spaceship hotel above it.

3 When you look up you see lights. They are dynamic in the rhythm of music. At night it turns our public space in the dance floor. The close encounters of the third kind begins with the 5 sounds.The only connection with the ship is light beam � a glass elevator full of light in the middle of the space.

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