The DownTown Hotel
Get locals a place to work and get guest a unique place to experience.


When i visited New York i was amazed that you are really able to see the differences between the different parts of town. Little Italy, Meatpacking District, Soho and all the others they all got their own specific type of buildings and it also attracts their own kind of people who relate to these parts of town.

The mixture of use was impressive and that is my inspiration for this project. I took a building that when i saw it i immediately knew that this specific building was very interesting and could inspire me in the future. When i read the briefing the first thing i did was checking if this building was in the area underneath 23rd street, and so it did.

More information about this concept you can read this in the visualisations of the presentation. Also the present renders are not really "furnished" yet, but first i am working on the whole building and then i am gonna restyle the places.

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