urban sanctuary
Actual task: Create a hotel that connects travelers and locals. Solution: Urban Sanctuary


Proposal: The Sanctuary


There is an ape inside all of us. The theme here is to get everyone socializing and supporting one another.


Much can be learned about primate sanctuaries and how they are organized to introduce individuals and groups into the appropriate families. It is only fair to say that a concept which connects travelers and locals within a sanctuary environment is surely possible. The appropriate people must be connected to similar individuals who share the same values, attitudes and overall personality traits that are cohesive, making for a smooth introduction. Gravitate towards what interests you. 


We must get back in touch with our evolutionary roots and use our bodies as nature intended � modern society is keeping us inactive, increasing the risk of stress and disease. I propose an elaborate social enrichment area stocked by local vendors for guests who are actually enjoying their goods at the same time. Almost a farmers market on the local level but in a sanctuary environment. Sound crazy? Plenty of enrichment items will be on hand, relaxation areas, exercise & play area...socializing areas all within the sanctuary.



There will also be different themes & realms within a �sanctuary� where introductions go with ease, ultimately connecting travelers and locals with soon to be good friends and business associates who they have a lot in common with. Interactions will not be forced because both sides will have a reason to be there, a common interest with similar personality qualities. Can I get a loud chimp pant-hoot? Thank you.


The Sanctuary is an all-inclusive environment broken into segments of interest. This is possible if: the space is big enough to accommodate at least 4 segments, or the events are broken into alternating days utilizing 2 events. I don�t know how big the space is!


Getting the locals involved:

The sanctuary environment will be nearly fully stocked by local vendors. Examples include: climbing and sports equipment, hammocks by craftsmen, holistic services such as massage and dining areas. At night, the sanctuary evolves and transitions. All new vendors rotate out with the day. Colored lights, socializing, bar tending contest and adjacent jazz band cafe. 

For the guest:

A digital menu will be available in each room and also be available to view on the television. This digital menu is very simple: scroll through the theme descriptions until you find one that appeals to you. There will also be a large panel at the entrance of the sanctuary to show what night it is, whats happening, what multiple events are occurring. The sanctuary becomes a social hub of intermingling and exploration.


Target the locals: Guest who enjoys these things can select this option to experience.

The local has an opportunity to present their craft, talent, skill etc. and share it in a particular sanctuary environment. This allows the local to introduce their business and the guest gets to enjoy it, perhaps purchase it. It�s almost like a farmer�s market but it�s a sanctuary because you are really being introduced to those who likely you will get a long with and share the same interessts. Making a pleasant and memorable experience for both the local and the guest alike.


Sanctuary Environment #1 (day)

Rest and Relaxation. Come unwind and mingle. Guest enjoys the environment and tranquil setting.


Locals: Local professionals offer free & discounted services/products while advertising

Yoga Instructor

Massage Therapist

Candle Maker



Sanctuary Environment #2 (night)

Cyber Jungle Cyber Cafe.

Socialize, drink, dance and be amazed. Guest enjoys the lively & social night environment setting. Plug in, turn on, tune in. 


Night vendors rotate with day vendors.

Fire Breathers


Singers (lounge show)

Bartending contest?


Sanctuary Environment #3 (day)

Another option is to have a Family and Children night for the community.

Family and children are also segmented into a wonderful playground for new introductions. The community locals can arrange events such as game contets, school plays etc. Introverts and the studious are in the library media café portion.

It's kind of a crazy idea but i'm just getting started on really getting the details down. This is my initial approach at brainstorming an idea of an urban sanctuary. 

Fun inspiration:           


All photographs are from the www and for mood board purposes only. A mood board is my brainstorm of how this place should be, elements it should have and the tone of style it should have. Perhaps the concept is too 'CA' for NY but perhaps they need a sanctuary in the city.