Festival Hotel
International event in Hotel!


To creating social spaces for a connected world...
What need?
We need create international event!
...but it is a difficult task, you say. Yes. But...
Lots of the International Festivals has in the World already now! It is design festivals, art festivals, dance festivals, theater festivals and other. These festivals are collected many interesting people from all over the world. 
And one of the major issues that faced the organizers of these events - it is a place for holding the next event. 

The Festival Hotel can be this a place!

It is place where gathered people from all over the world to meet and be friends for life, to communicate and share experiences, to find new business contact!

Hotel can become Partners in several International Festivals from around the world America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa.
You have an honorary status - Partner of the Festival.
You have advertising all over the World. Festivals will advertise the Hotel thanks to their advertising possibility.
Festival guests will be staying at a hotel.
Events will attract many visitors, press, the attention to the Hotel.
And New Yorkers participate in the Festival as participants and as viewer.

So no need to invest a lot of money and effort in organizing and advertising. And despite this:

Most interesting events, 
most interesting people and
the best place to connected people - 
all is here!!!
in Festival Hotel !

soon be updated...

p.s. This idea came into my head because I am the organizer of the COW International Design Festival, and have extensive experience in organizing this event. The COW Festival is held 9 years. And of course I hope if the Festival Hotel will be built, our festival will be there! :)

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