Central Event Terminal Hotel
Central Event Terminal Hotel. Don't Miss Event !


updated description


This is a Hotel where you can learn about any New York Events.
This is a Hotel where you can see any New York Events.
This is the point of departure to any New York Events.
It is a sports event, art event, perfor- mance, movie premieres, business conferences, etc.


It is only one step from NY in any country world
You can make a trip to any country in the world. And see the sights, culture and traditions.
You can visit together with your friends the wonderful events on the other side of the globe.
And you can do it all without leaving the hotel.

Here a information display boards demonstrated us where and what events will be soon.

Just as on the train station, we learn about the nearest train that goes where you need... also you can determine for themselves the direction of movement in NY or elsewhere that you love.

And if you do not want to go anywhere...
...or event that you want to see has already started and you don�t have time to go there...

Do not worry! You're in luck! After all, you're not in a ordinary Hotel!

It is wonderful place, where the large digital screens is show for you events, that occur somewhere right now. You can drink a cup of coffee or glass of wine and view a great performance, or to visit the exhibition. At the same time you sit in a comfortable chair in the hotel.

ONLY ONE STEP TO BRAZIL (or any other country)
The Tablet hotel holds a week of culture and tourism different countries. For example, it is Brazil Week. And do not leave the hotel you travel to Brazilian Carnival.
What is a Brazil Week? � in the restaurant you try Brazilian cuisine; on huge screens you see video of cities in Brazil (this is a video tour of the country), or a video of wonderful events that are happening in Brazil right now (the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of countries or private travel companies can provide this video for the purpose of advertising the country's); to the display you see the schedule of events in Brazil in the coming days. You can buy tickets to events in Brazil. The Brazilian Diaspora in US presents of their culture (cuisine, music, folk art, folk costumes). And dress-code at parties in this time - it is a carnival or a national costume. 

Each The Week in Hotel is devoted to a new country and new interesting events.

This place will be excellent to all.
Because here: 
� you can watch a wonderful event on a huge screen and you will feel that you are present at the event;
� you can rest and meal;
� you can get information about all events in the city;
� you can buy tickets to events;
� you can send a QR code about the event to their friends and go there with them.

After all, How can we know about the city in that we have arrived? For this we need to know about life in the city and that interests people living here.

In search of interesting events in the Central Event Terminal Hotel will be meeting New Yorkers and tourists.

Don't Miss Event !