Seeds of Hospitality
bring people together going back to the basic: working the soil together for a healty life.


The basic idea of Seeds of Hospitality is creating spaces where people come back  -  to take care of their plants, see how other plants grew, see if Mary's tulips have bloomed, show your children how plants grow and give interactive lessons and so on. The phrase which inspired me in the beginning is "you reap what you sow". Rethinking hotels involves rethinking life and one way of rethinking life is going back to the start - going back to nature. And when we go back to nature, we connect to each other to create a better life and, in the case of Tablet Hotel, to recreate the hotel every day - for the flowers from the exhibit boxes and other spaces will change quite often. This way, the hotel could attract people with its continuous change, following the pulse of the city.

The wall is connecting all the levels - the entry floor, the restaurant, the green teraces (garden for all), the lab garden - and the hotel rooms. It is linked to the panoramic elevators - so a ride to the top floor (the labgarden) becomes a walk in the history of the hotel - the boxes attached to the wall contain immortalized flowers grown in the hotel and the name of the person who grew it. 

The sidewalk becomes part of the open plan. It is turned into an open garden scattered with "boxes on a stick"(containing sample seeds and info on them), grass boxes (empty, waiting for an exhibit item) and glass boxes (with your own plant). Walking on the sidewalk becomes walking in a garden and.. yes... walking in the hotel. So even if you are passing-by you can get a glimpse of what is going on in the hotel. If you have some free time, grab some seeds, go to the restaurant where you can meet other persons willing to go gardening or just more info or advice.. and go to the green terace! 

You may ask.. what happens to all the wilted flowers? Take them home. Laminated petals and leaves. This way, to take the Tablet Hotel back home. Souvenirs, laminated cards and a lot more - in a following update.

The restaurant is self-sustainable due to the lab-garden. We want to include this part in the concept as a part of a process from rethinking hotels. We do not create a new resturant or something like this, we create only a space where you eat what you sow. The emphasis is on acknowleging the cycles of life: we produce, consume and produce again and so on.  The restaurant is not the finality of the process but instead encourages  further implication in the gardening process. 

The gardens:
  1. first floor - already read about the sidewalk
  2. middle floors - garden for all
  3. top - lab-garden
The gardens are positioned in different parts of the hotel  in order to create a continuum, a permanent movement in the hotel - aspect emphasizes by the wall connecting all the levels. Each garden is related to the other gardens: the seeds from the lab-garden are taken to the sidewalk garden. Tourists and locals take them to the garden for all and plant them.  Everybody can visit the lab garden for special training or more info about plants.. or just recreation in a beautiful garden. Also, the best plants to exhibit are taken both from the garden-for-all and from the lab-garden to the sidewalk, to fill the grass-boxes. And the relationships go on..

Gardening is a relaxing and fun activity for both locals and travelers. The benefit of mixing gardening with hotels is the permanent changing and vitality due to the natural cycles of life which are projected over the hotel. The hotel germinates, grows, blossoms, produces fruit, releases seeds and the whole process goes again and again because the hotel produces seeds of hospitality.

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