the match
the match hotel provides space for sport and games and offers a platform to find other players


sport and games are the main activities where people from all nations, all age  and all background come together.
you can make sport after work in your city or during your travel.

the match hotel is more than just a sport or wellness hotel:
it`s an ACTIV  HOTEL
the focus is on activity you need a partner for, instead of the uncommunicative training on the treadmill.
on the tablet internet hotelactivity booking platform you can find a sportspartner and meet at the hotel,
the activ areas are open for everybody.

instead of the fitness center, new york people join "the match". here you can meet interesting people from all over the world during your work out and have a drink together after training ! you can try activity in a casual way.
there are 3 kinds of areas:

1. the social sport area in the lobby and on the lounge gallery:

the oversized chessmen in the centre are the eyecatcher in the lobby. you can move them and play. behind, at the public viewing area people meet for an event like worlcup transmission or for movies. people with different background are sitting side by side. they are united by the joy and frustration of the game. on the gallery you meet for a drink, dance class or boardgames.

2. the central match area you can find in the dark area of the hotel room floors.

they are well illuminated and coverd by glass or with some view windows.
the transparency could vary by electrochrome glass.
the activity inside animates passing guest to join and revalues the hotel corridors. the number of option are only limited by the space you need for.

3. the sweating sport area is on the top of the hotel.

beside a pool and the usual gym area you can find the activity areas, you need more space for, than the central match area offers.
on the rooftop terrace beside the beachvolleyball field is a recreation lounge and bar.  here you can have a break during your training or during an exhausting shopping tour.

The match is fun- communication- surprise- discover and try !

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