The Allotment
The Allotment encourages locals and guests to grow, teach, eat & share.


The Allotment encourages locals and guests to experience the quality and pleasure of eating, cooking and sharing locally produced food and ultimately grow their own. The hotel principle is to grow, teach, eat & share with each other. The functions are all created to enhance connections between locals and visitors, with the underlying principle of local food. The concept is executed with 4 functions; The Market, The Restaurant, The Food Tours and The Rooftop.

The Allotment Market is a daily produce market where local shops can sell their locally produced food. All food sold is produced within 100km of New York City and grown with sustainable principles. Alternating sellers/shops creates interesting, day-to-day variation of goods keeping the market interesting for both hotel guests and locals. The market also functions as a support shop for The Allotment Restaurant, enabling guest to choose additional ingredients before entering the restaurant. 

The Allotment Restaurant is a unique experience with visitors bringing their own ingredients and having it produced by the chefs of the restaurant. The restaurant encourages the use of local produce and experimentation of ingredients. All ingredients used are grown within 100km of New York City. The menu has a number of base dishes which can be supplemented with the ingredients guests bring with them. The open kitchen enables guests to view their ingredients being integrated into the dish and the different preparation techniques used. The informal atmosphere with chefs and guests chatting with each other about the dishes and ingredients. The easy going interaction encourages guests to talk about the ingredients they brought and where they bought them, enabling tourists to quickly discover parts of New York otherwise hidden to locals. At the same time New Yorkers can discover foreign ingredients and dishes.

The Allotment forms the starting point for the New York Good Food Tours. The tour takes New Yorkers and tourist on a journey to discover the best and most interesting places in New York for food which has been produced locally and with sustainable principles. Tours range from local walks to city wide electrical tour bus routes with varying themes. During the tour visitors are educated about the qualities and possibilities of sustainable local produce. Multiple stop offs enable the tour visitors to buy their favourite foods or experiment with newly discovered foods and have them cooked by The Allotment Restaurant chefs as a grand finale to the day. 

The Allotment Rooftop allows locals and guests to spend time with nature, relaxing by doing some gardening, learning techniques and connecting. Allotment patches have a recreational and teaching  use. Locals, school children and guests can visit the rooftop to learn how they can grow their own food and enjoy the relaxing natural environment in the middle of the city. A rooftop bar serves amazing cocktails and drinks made with the allotment produce.

The Allotment Rooftop acts as a catalyst for the city block, building interest and showing the ease with which neighbouring locals can create their own allotments on rooftops throughout the city. City block rooftops can be interconnected to create an allotment landscape, enabling locals and guests to meet and relax, share tips and food.

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