Among New Yorkers
Among New Yorkers


Mingling people

The concept is to mingle residents and hotel guests in the same building.

To do so the building will have apartments where people live permanently and rooms that can be rented as is any hotel.

The guests will have the chance to experience the life of the New Yorkers sharing with the permanent residents of the building certain activities.

The management of these activities will be made by the hotel, so the guest will have to book them through it.

The guest will have the chance to share with a resident a meal at the resident´s home, certain activity inside or outside the resident�s home or even they will be able to rent a room of the apartment or the hole apartment to stay in.

Of course, the sharing of activities will be voluntary for the residents, they will decide if they want to share any activity with guests and when they want to do it.

The benefits for the residents are:

-The chance to meet people from different origins and backgrounds

-To earn some extra money

The benefits for the guest are:

-To enrich the experience of their visit by sharing with local residents activities of their every day life.

The management of the services by the hotel will provide security both to the guest and the residents.

The leisure roof

The roof deck will be planned as a space where both the guest and the residents will be able to expend their leisure time and thus favouring the interaction between them.

The multipurpose space

Also, in order to increase the relation between guest and inhabitants of the city, a multipurpose space with planned activities will be designed and will be open to any person that want to take part on the scheduled activities.

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