Social space i created by using a generic room module. Concept is intended to be on top of buildings


This project focuses on new ways to solve new ways to solve problems of the modern inner cities and to see the difficulties facing the people living in it. Cities need more affordable hotels, the hotels need more space and better business, and guests seek quality but end up finding a boring room and another lonely night.


The idea is to make small rooms to make the social, shared spaces larger. We found that guests did not see the size of the room as high priority. Details, materials, light and a few certain things as a comfortable bed and a good TV mattered. Most guests in this kind of inner city, mid-price hotel are here by themselves, working long days, having dinner at a restaurant and then heading back to the hotel. We wanted to create a way to meet other guests and locals in a relaxed environment. Or to be by yourself. The system can be used on existing hotels with growing pains or by itself. The goal is to find a winn, winn, winn situation through architecture and social awareness


We present an example, where the system have been but on top of a existing building but the main idea is to create the public meeting space by modeling the space with actual volumes of small rooms.

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