“hotel having an effect on others”


Urban Hotel as a social hub alters hotel function and dynamics from hostelry to something new and as always, memorable hotel experience is very important in hostelry business today. Hotel interactive as a concept that means �hotel having an effect on others� could give you today a memorable hotel experience, an effect between locals and guest, interaction between the two users that can continue connection after initial contact. A place to enjoy and to have an experience that could be cherishing as age adds up.

From its wildest vision, the �amusement park� can give you the excitement of a lifetime. A wide and cozy corridor that guest able to mingle among themselves and enjoy, multi purpose enclosed interactive provide locals a place to do their interest (music, literature, visual art, etc) to have fun, and if you are too shy local or guest to connect, freedom wall will help you to be heard and be able to experience meeting strangers. Architectural strategy like connecting different spaces with different activities can at least guaranty immersive activities. A wide screen monitors acts like the eye and ears of the hotel, where snap shots or shout outs of what is going on inside and outside the hotel, as a technology strategy. These are one of the main programs that the hotel could let a crowd gather. Combination of new and old way programs to bring an urban social hotel.

Note: public spaces on the hotel can either be used by locals or guest with its possible for any kind of immersive activity.

Design Solution:

Space + Activity

SPACE  �  as a respond, provision of �interactive spaces� will be the one solution.

ACTIVITY - to invite a crowd, activity must be provided

Design Philosophy:

�A playful  design that even brings us to childhood by providing sensual spaces�

A concept of a space and activity that invite guests a chance to interact with each other. Sharing stories, watching or playing games just to have a new experience to cherish even sitting in corridors or lobbies could give us the chance to do it.

Design Consideration:

1. To provide a space for freedom.

2. Creating an inviting area for interaction and immersive activities.

Design Response:


1. Lobby and corridor widening with comfortable finish that invite guest to sit comfortably and to have casual conversation. And wide enough for playful activities (like running).

2. A roof deck for excitement, cozy dining and other activities.

3. A freedom wall. Where anyone could write anything (from sharing message, contact number, etc.) or to draw anything, just to start a conversation to anyone.


1. To serve interactive exhibition, a chance for locals to share their culture and tradition. Ranges from food, stories, anything where travelers meet locals.

2.  To provide immersive activities, where travelers and locals experience do-it-yourself activity like doing painting, cooking, etc.



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